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2008 Kia Rio (9 Reviews)
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Oh boy where to start. This is my 3rd kia and it disgust me that the newer vehicles suck.
First TPMS gone out on two tires (gonna cost 150.00), had to change sparkplugs which is normal but the coil packs went out on #1 & #2 (100.00 each). Now forsome awful reason in the afternoons I cant get enough power to go and when it does I get white smoke out the back. Check engine light never wants to stay off longer than a day and something else needs to be fixed.I got this car brand new with 19 miles, lovedit until it hit 62798 from then on problems. The first was the output sensor which cost200.00, then the odometer and speedometer. What else could go wrong. Oh yeah the transmission needs an updated software packet and there is a recall on the driver airbag which they will inform the owners in july. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK.
Bought it from a private seller when it was 2 yrs old, with 28,000 miles on it, for $7000. I immediately put new brakes and tires on it.

Took it to the dealership to have them give it a once over, and they found some little plastic tabs to replace, free of charge because the 2nd owner has up to 60,000 miles.

Had the right front wheel bearing replaced (free of charge, under warranty) at 50,000. The front left just acted up and they have to replace the strut as well. Its not under warranty anymore (currently 75,000 miles) $700 and they gave me a loaner for the day.

Oil gets changed between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. If you change it at 7,500 its pretty black.

I have Blizzaks on the factory aluminum rims for winter time, and the car is like a tank in the snow. Summertime I have some 17" rims with Yokohama tires and it stays glued to the road. I rotate the tires every other oil change, and switch sets seasonally.

During the summer, on my trip from Cleveland to Des Moines (700ish miles) I arrived to my destination having filled up only once, and still had 3/8s tank left. That was with 2 adults and 2 children in the car. It was packed tight, probably over loaded.

Only complaint is no Cruise control, and its tiny. Other than that, this is one of the most reliable and efficient cars I have ever owned. Kia of Mentor is also a great dealership to take your car to, especially if its still under warranty.
Bought my Kia Rio brand new. They had a $1000 rebate plus dealer incentives. Literally emailed every kia dealership within 200 miles, and bought it for less than $12K. Been a great car. Changed the plugs, battery, 2 front tires, and engine and tranny fluids after 59K. Replaced the timing belt big ouch on cost but what are gonna do. If you don't and the belt goes, super big ouch on cost.
I bought my 2008, or so I was told- turns out it's a 2007, Kia Rio from Des Moines Imports for around $15,000. I loved the car at first. Then about a year after buying the car my driver side door panel fell off. I requested it to be repaired. They said it would cost over $400 so my fiance has screwed it on for the time being. After this happened my transmission had to be replaced. The car only had a little over 40,000 miles on it and had routine maintenance done on it since I bought it. Now, after only three years, I can't even get it to start. There is something wrong with the emission system and not sure what else, but the dealership won't look at it for free, they want $150 for diagnostic testing. I took it elsewhere for this but have tried to call Kia for repair estimates. After a week they have not returned my calls or emails. Super disappointed.
bought new, first week my ac unite burnt up. took 2 weeks to get my new kia back. 2 years later my ac is loosing power and drains the car, seems its going out again. this is an issue with many owners.

wish it had locks on back doors outside.
Have 2008 Kia Rio base model. Gets 35 mpg winter and 40+ mpg summer. use to drive to work only. Brought to dealer for first warrany service. I paid almost $500.00 to keep warranty up. Scam the dealer never changed tranmission oil wich I paid for. The bill didn't show they changed it so I called dealer and they said it was done and would send me another receipt showing it was done. I climed uner the car and the plug was never removed. never been back to Kia for work again go to local shops for service. Have 96 thousand miles now, brake shoes just wore out. Starting to have problems with fuel system pressure code and number one cylinder miss firing. Only paid $9000.00 new so I guess its nickle and dime time.
I now have over 50,000 miles on my KIA. I bought new tires last year and I have my oil and oil filter changed every 7,500 miles. I have always had my oil changed at 7,500 for every car that I have owned and it never caused any problems. I have had my spark plugs changed although they were not that bad at the time that I changed them. So far it has been running great. I save a lot on gas compared to my previous car. I did take my car in a few times because the brakes squealed (it even happened the first week that i had the car). They cleaned out the brake shavings. It only seems to happen if there is a lot or rain. I just had my tires rotated a few days ago and the brakes were still good. I have even left my lights on all night long (a few times) and the battery did not go dead, I just took the car out for a long drive to charge it up.
Horrible car, horrible dealership i.e. very crooked and bought out less than 2 years later, but kept the same horrible service people. started to take in less than a month after i got it, taken in over 6 times for transmission, now they are finally looking at it. steering is awful even when i replaced the tires.its uncomfortable for anyone with severe back problems. unsafe is a brutal understatement. gas mileage is a myth my old 3/4 ton chevy got far better than this junk, especially with this damn broken transmission i spend far more now than i ever did then. the fact they denied me service and left me in that unsafe vehicle is criminal and this car should not be allowed on the road, or for that matter any sub compact.
bouhgt the car new has 84000k now, only problem battery, was replaced by dealer n/c. Relaced timing belt because the mait schedule said to do at 60k had repaced at 79000k. Plan to drive as long as possible