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2006 Kia Rio (3 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2006 Kia Rio5 in March of 2006, and so far my family of 4 has logged 251,000KM. We love the hatchback, it cost us a few grand extra but it gives us the ability to move dresser without the hatch open. It's basic but when we need a car to drive to Florida from Toronto it's the one to choose. We upgraded tires and rims to 185-15's and tinted the glass(a nod to my teenage sons) added fabric protection and rustproofing and she's good to go. All you gotta do is watch those fluids like a hawk! Oil @5000K, transmission, coolant, water pump, TIMING BELT, serpentine belt a must @100,000..I love the fact that my Rio5 cruises at 65 miles per hour AT 2500RPM.....can't do that in a 8 years I have changed tires,a battery and a windshield, all of which were reasonably priced parts. I have had only one repair, my security module failed in the ignition..... all in all a great value and an awesome winter car

My 2006 KIA RIO has done over 156,000 KMS and it has been fantastic.I get serviced regularly and I keep it in excellent condition. I also put on 185/15 tyres and the difference to road handling and ride is amazing.I also have ABS braking which has come handy on several occasions.In Australia I have the JB 1.6L twin cam 16 valve with CCTV variable valve timing fuel injected motor. This is my little red rocket I am going to keep the car as long as possible because the newer models are not worth investing that amount of money. In Australia,term deposits are paying around 5% interest so I'll keep my money in the Bank!
I bought a 2006 Kia Rio brand new at the end of July 2006. I've onyl had a few issues with the car, mainly my inexperience with maintenance. I did have to purchase a new battery after 2yrs. I did have to buy 4 new tires, 2 at a time, only because i was not aware that the places changing my oil did not automatically balance & rotate the tires. Overall its been an awesome car and I would recommend it to new drivers! Currently at 98k miles