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2002 Kia Rio (4 Reviews)
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Im my opinion its the worst car money can buy ...Kia doesnt stand by what they make .,. The transmision went at 83k they replaced it after a fight ... so much for a 10y 100k warranty .,,, Two weeks later it went again come to find out they put in a used tranny... I Will NEVER buy a kia .. I wouldnt even take one if it were free...
I bought this vehicle brand new and we have had ZERO problems with it other than normal maintenance. 105,000 miles on it and haven't had to have any major repairs. Best 12 grand I ever spent. We are VERY vigilant about addressing ANY kind of noise or problem immediately and not letting things get out of control. We change the oil regularly etc. The interior looks like hell but that is because my husband uses it for work and is throwing tools all over the place and driving onto construction sites etc. This vehicle replaced my Honda Accord which needed numerous repairs FAR before it got to the age of this needed a new power steering pump, fuel pump and water pump all before it was 5 years old whereas the Kia is now 8 years old and hasn't required any of these repairs and has been driven far more and far more roughly than the Honda ever was. I really can't think of any complaint about my Kia, I would buy another in a heartbeat. I can't really say anything about the dealer or Kia in general because I have never had to deal with them because I haven't had any kind of issue with the car. Like I said, just the normal stuff one has to do, we JUST this past summer at over 7 years old had to get an alt and battery, belts....radiator cooling fan last summer (which we swapped out in literally ten minutes ourselves....bought an after market one for $70 online and it is IDENTICAL to the OEM one it replaced). Obviously it has had brake jobs and exhaust system replaced.....but really, nothing out of the ordinary as far as repairs or problems. Keeping fingers crossed we get another 105,000 miles out of it! At the rate it is going my husband will destroy the inside before the engine actually goes!!
good car 2002 bought it new 94000 no problems except had to change the thermostat IF IT WILL STAND UP TO MY WIFE DRIVING IT HAS TO BE GOOD
I've almost ran this guy into the ground with little maintenence. He hasn't died yet! I should start taking care of him! huh?