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2001 Kia Rio (8 Reviews)
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Bought one brand New in 2001 Have driven accross country twice. 120,000 miles and going strong. Replaced Tires, Brakes and a clutch.Thats it The clutch was at 100,000 miles.With regular oil changes every 3000 miles this was the most reliable car I ever had for under $10,000. You can't beat the price.
bought it brand new with only 7 miles on it and now its at 75000ish miles and just now starting to have to replace parts but its 11yrs old what else do you expect?
2001 Kia Rio;has 26000 miles bought new put new sparkplug and wires also I put a new coil it is automatic it shakes in any shift dont now what to do.
This car is little and not a lot of space but it bets me where i need to go fast. the car breaks down too much to have it reliable.
I bought my car brand new in March 2001 and it was a good first car for a 20 year old with no knowledge of car maintenance, but after 2-3 years I said I would never buy another Kia. It has been one headache after another. I've had to replace the engine, radiator, and starter. And I think I need to change the alternator now. It always jerked like it had to think about if it wanted to move if you pressed the gas too hard. The interior fabric always stained easily, both sun visors fell off, and I have to get a new battery about every 2 years. I've kept the car b/c as a nursing assistant 1) I enjoy not having anymore car payments, 2) I'm attached to the booger and 3)after getting married and moving out on my own, I now have debt. Last month my sister was renting a 2010 Rio while she was living in LA for work, and even that car sucked! God willing, I will never buy another Kia.
My first car. Really inexpensive, love it
This a little carthat gets you where your going. Not much else.
it is a cheap car you get what you pay for.