2008 Kia Optima Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Kia Optima owners review and rate their 2008 Kia Optima.

2008 Kia Optima (10 Reviews)
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174K I have changed the oil every 5K only second set of brakes, 28MPG, I wish AM radio worked better
160k motors blown. I baby this car ty kia for your lemon
made it to 97k miles with no problems other than changing breaks 1 time and battery 1 time. driver seat was wearing fast. no hols just caved in/flat. handled great. good gas millage. no signs of problems. it has been wrecked twice. fist was a head on collision, no air bag deployment. 2nd was 80 on interstate and no air bags. great car, no problems
I have 90,000 miles and I have occured no problems other than replacing brakes and battery. Great car for the money. I have never once had problems with service or warranty.
i bought a so called life time kia (they really push the ideal of lifetime but its a croack) i have 47,000 miles on my car and a rod or piston is knocking in it and since i missed three oil changes they wanted me to pay like a thousand dollars to tear the engine apart and see if local rep. will ok to replace engine and i dont get my money back, but the dealership said that i would end up paying for intire engine and labor which is bs someone needs to stop them for advertizing lifetime kia because that is bs lifetime warranty means if it tires up they fix it. i will never own another kia and when i get it fixed, out of my own pocket i will excerise my right on the lemon law and put a lemon sign in the back glass take my advise stay away from lifetime kia if they will not stand behind there product better than that i dont need one, they tried to tell me that ford and chevy reguired a complete service history too but i call a chevy dealership and they said they have never asked for a service history kia needs to wake up and stand behind there product because i meet poeple every week that tell me they will never own another one, im going back a chevy
57000 miles and no problems
I'm at 57,000 miles and my engine is blown. Because I didn't get my vehicle maintenanced at a KIA dealership and my oil filter is not a KIA part, my warrenty is void. someone help!
Love my Kia but 30,000 mile service is high from dealer. Gotta love the car though.
I will never purchase a KIA again
This car will go out of park if the e brake is not set
I have met three other owners with this problem
If you hit a bump the rear end bottoms out
One cannot read the indicator lights when the sun is out
Prices for replacement parts are a joke when you can find them
Factory tires are worn out in least the 20k miles
Ones has to take off the fender to replace the headlights
Even with an appointment, the free oil changes will take 3hours and more
Excellent machine for the money. Two minor problems: factory battery failed after 18 months; am radio reception is poor.