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2008 Kia Amanti (3 Reviews)
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I Bought an Amanti here in Brazil. I'm the first buyer. Now after 50.000 km my car is having Engine Noises. And for 3 years I'm trying to solve a problem that we are having with the breaks. Every time we break the car we can feel a click. Do you know does candy cans where you have to press the middle of the lid to open the side? It is just like that click.
What I'm really upset is that Kia just told me that is normal after 5 years any car make an engine noise. This for me is really disturbing.
I like everything about this vehicle-EXCEPT----IT HAS FAILED TWICE WHILE ON A LONG TRIP. On a major highway it will just stop accelerating and will drop down to idle/stall speed-quit a surprise on a super highway in the passing lane.

KIA Reliability --it is questionable.
I bought a 2008 Amanti with about 25000 miles on it in March 2010. It was a replacement for a 2001 Chrysler LHS with all the bells and whistles. I have been sadly disappointed with the Amanti. It just doesn't have the quality of the LHS. Right now, it is scheduled to go to the body shop for replacement of a sun visor that has dropped and is currently duct taped to hold in place and a new door for the gas cap. The latch broke. I super glued a magnet to keep it closed and it has to be pried open with a credit card. I think it is very cheaply made. However, I do love the styling, leather interior, sound system and sun roof. If the quality matched the style I would be "tickled pink". I also had to have the computer update done due to the check engine light staying on.