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2005 Kia Amanti (7 Reviews)
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Last time ( Nov. 2011 ) I was in to YOU "Bill Dodge Kia , Westbrook , Maine" did real bad work on my car Kia Amanti in the shop !
Put in the wrong oil , put on 4 snow tires that wear on Rims but never check the air in them , 1 was 49 lbs. 1 was 30 lbs. 1 was around 40 , should have all been 35 lbs.,.
Not sure if I should go back to do my summer tires , and get oil , and now need Brakes all a round .
*Not sure if you up to the JOB! Bill Dill Dodge Kia of westbrook , Maine
Just had service at 63,227 miles on my 05 Amanti back in 01 Jan. 05 , Timing Belt , Transmission Flush , Coolant Flsh , + the Safety insp. for other parts Cost me $750.00 with Labor..

Bill Dodge Kia , Westbrook , Maine did the work thay are the best , The Service Manger is the BEST around , he help's with little things like Lights front & Rear for Free .

i hope thay keep him ! R. H.

Sooooo Happy with my Amanti. I'm currently driving an 05 Amanti, currently has 58,888 miles on it and I've never had a single problem with the vehicle. I just love it. To keep it running well, I have it serviced regurlarly and use full synthetic 5W30 oil in it. Since it's approaching 60,00 miles, the dealer mentioned to me that I have to replace the timing belt and they wanted $600 to do this. So I contacted Gregs Japanese Auto and they alsoservice Kia's, But with the timing belt change, they also want to change the waterpump and all sorts of other stuff plus do the 60K service to a tune of $1,521.00. There is nothing wrong with my car, can anyone tell me why this service is so expensive?
Car is Excellent, Simply Excellent. Jag and Mercedes owners are jealous because they paid SOOoooo much more for SOOoooo much less!
I love this car. It is expensive on maintence, but its it worthy it. I have got my oil changed every 3,000 - 6,000 miles, then upgrade my oil to high mileage once I hit 100K miles. I have got my tires rotated every 6K - 8K miles. I have had to replace all my fluids twice. I had my timing belt changed at about 75K, and I am now in need of a timing belt again at 138K. I keep up all maintence on my Kia and it is still running at 138K. I am hoping to keep this car on the road for as long as I can. So I will keep you updated.
I bought this Kia Amanti 2005 new. After over four years I have not had -- literally -- a single problem with it. Even the milage I get is over the 17/24 that is advertised: perhaps because I drive the car by manual transmission instead of the automatic.

Recently, I installed a Kenwood radio/DVD scxreen and took out the Infinity radio system. It makes the already stately car even more distinguished.

I have seen photos of the 2010 Amanti; and the new model is disappointing in appearance at least. What many (American) consumers don't appreciate about the current Amanti is that it stands out in public from other cars: high, aristocratic and commanding in its appearance.

The 2010 looks like just any other car. Given the fct that Amantis don't compare with the Lexus ES 450, I'd much rather have an Amanti which looks like an Amanti, and not like a Lexus because it is not as good!
I owen this car 2005 its the best i have ever own, I like the 2005, but sorry to say I hate the new one's , so now am looking some wear new for my next car. it's just not the same any more on you'r new car's.