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2008 Jeep Wrangler (2 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2008 Wrangler, brand new, off the lot. I love it, but, I've made a few changes, to enhance my enjoyment of this off-road animal. Truly, after 57,000 miles, the V6 engine is just coming into its own, with power increasing as it wears in.

However, one problem with the V6 is low end (RPM) torque; it sucks. This is most noticeable when "rock crawling" in 4WD. What I did to improve it (the low end torque), considerably, was to install a glass-pack muffler. Also installed a K&N type, reusable air filter. The filter didn't noticeably help performance, but made it easier to clean the filter after a run in the desert.

Another item: I've read several posts regarding oil level issues with this engine. After reading one post in this regard (about six months ago) I checked my oil between oil changes. It was at the add line, and it freaked me out, to say the least.

I started searching, and came across a post that talked about how a dysfunctional PCV can cause excessive oil consumption. Sure enough, when I changed out the PCV, oil consumption went to 0.0 quarts/oil change.

Also, I've found that the oil change businesses (at least in my area) have six quarts as the replacement quantity for my 2008 Wrangler. Wrong! it's five quarts. Check to see if you've been overfilled by your oil provider. This could cause problems, well beyond my simple understanding of the reciprocating engine.
here in new milford we purchased a brand new 2008 jeep wrangler four door unlimited. at about 24,000miles the engine was rattling like a bitch. pulled into a gas station to check the oil despite no indicator lights glowing. note that we had regular oil changes. the jeep had almost no oil in it!! we were able to put four quarts of oil in the thing. taken to the dealership in danbury ct, it was not clear to the staff how the oil was leaving the engine; but that they could find no sign of a leak! only after several very harshly placed calls to chrysler we were given a new engine at 24,000 miles. and they replaced it with the same faulty engine!they would not extend the existing warrantee. this is a sad state of affairs for chrysler. we have been loyal to the jeep brand for five vehicles, and this certainly gives us pause. please share your similar concerns!!!