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2006 Jeep Wrangler (2 Reviews)
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Had my battery checked and found that volt regulator was bad. Pulled the alternator and bench tested her. Turned out purfect. Alternator is only 7 mo. old. I hooked up a code saver to keep my code when the battery was disconnected. Oh! I work at Autozone so I have access to alot of neat things. ( I buy them and dont just borrow them) Thought I would clarify that. Put the alternator back in, but found the main wire was forced in. Simply put it together more gingerly. When I got off work went to start her up and the inside dome lights didn't work. A sign came on where my electronic odometer is and it said"NO FUSE" I'm thinking that the code saver didn't do its job, and now I have to wait. All the rest of my lights work except my interior lights(dome,under dash lights). This Jeep doesn't have problems. I've fixed them all, especially after the Audi Dealership changed my conventional to synthetic oil. No biggie, I simply put in 10W-30 Extended performance oil, mobile one filter, and a K&N air filter. Along with a new oil pan gasket after 30 days. That wasn't too bad. I rented a lift for $83 piad my friend 50 to help, and a case of Pepsi, plus $12 for my gasket, all this took was 90 minutes.
This is the Universal model with 10K miles on it. The tranny has a rough shift to it when going from fwd to reverse even though the car is completely stopped. There are drips of a reddish colored fluid on driveway intermittently when parked overnight. Dealer says all fluids levels are normal therefore nothing to worry about. Engine will increase rpm's +/- 500 sometimes when you come to a stop. Rest of car is fine.