2002 Jeep Wrangler Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Jeep Wrangler owners review and rate their 2002 Jeep Wrangler.

2002 Jeep Wrangler (3 Reviews)
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I've owned my '02 Wrangler SE, 2.5/Auto since 2006, purchased with 30k on it, one owner. It now has 62k.

Obviously, it's a Jeep, it rides like one, slow, wanders, solid axles, etc, etc, etc. Being a Jeep aside, the TJ is pretty livable as a daily driver compared to a YJ. Even with a 3-speed auto & 4.56 gears I survive on the highway and Boston/NYC traffic, I just don't do much passing. Of course the 4.0L would help, but you don't really want to be exceeding 70 for safety's sake.

The TJ is better in the snow than any other vehicle I've driven, including Subarus and 4x4 Chevys. Absolutely unstoppable with the right tires.

The problems I've had: Dry rotted hoses. And seals. Granted, she's 8 years old now, so I expect it to a degree. Drivetrain has been pretty good overall. The auto transmission is not a good choice, I plan on replacing it with an AX-5 as soon as it dies. (The auto played into the below-book price I paid for it as well.) I have had a persistent P0455 "Gross Evap Leak" from one source or another. Rough road conditions, i.e. New England construction season can make a habit of eating your sway bar drop links. Replace them with aftermarket greaseable zerk type links for longer life. Expect noises and rattles throughout the vehicle for the duration of the time you own it. The A-pillar leak is annoying. I'd blamed my Besttop Two-Piece hard top. If your Wrangler wears the Goodyear Wrangler RT/S tires, expect to hydroplane at any speed above 30. I suggest BFG A/Ts for all on-road driving conditions.

I love my TJ, but I can't say anything nice about the JK Wrangler. The Chrysler 3.8 is a boat anchor. This is coming from a AMC 2.5 I4 owner. Instead of buying a new Wrangler, I'll probably just continue to keep the rust off this one and rebuild, starting with a manual trans swap, and then swapping either a 4.0 and boring it to 4.6, or a Chevy V8.
I purchased my 2002 Wrangler in 2006 with 48k miles...She ( yes SHE) now has 102k miles. I cannot complain one bit I knew what I was buying. The gas is horrendice , the ride is not quiet, the Jeep looks like a town house going down the road. But If i wanted alll those things I wouldn't by a Jeep. I plan on driving her untill the wheels fall off or my wheel stop spining. People say "that car just doesnt look dependable" ...I say lets compare repair cost's . My jeep has only seen a repair shop for tires and balancing ...Any other repairs can be done by a mechanicaly knowledge individual ( which I am) . Hands Down owning a Jeep is like having a dependable partner by your side.
I purchased my '02 Jeep Wrangler in fall of '01 and it's given me no issues. I do follow the recomended maintenance schedule that is published by Jeep and though it's probably costed me the price of another wrangler. I feel that not having a jeep payment for the past 5 years is well worth the cost of maintenance. Looking forward to pushing another 100k miles on this reliable little jeep.