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2009 Jeep Patriot (6 Reviews)
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Bought this car new. Goodyear Wrangler tires lasted until 33,500 miles. Switched over to 90,000 mile Michelin Defenders. Ball joints went at 21,000 miles (driver side) and 33,000 miles (passenger side), no off road, just pavement. Other than that, it's been a great car and I will drive it until it dies. Good gas mileage, great for 2400 mile road trips, great to sleep in. Am able to fit a ton of things in the cargo area. It's bigger on the inside. 5 years and 3 months in, I'm at 45,000 miles.
2009 I decided to down size from a 4 door 8 foot bed Nissan Fontier that had 195000 miles with not more than oil change, tires replaces/rotated, air filters replaced. I bought the 2009 Jeep Patriot and had the transmission replaced (warranty covered) at 40,000 miles, the front idle arms replaced shortly there after then the front wheel bearing at about 45000 miles which just had to be replaced again at 94000 miles. This was not what I expected when I got a new car when I got rid of my old one because I was thinking it was going to start having problems. Should have keep the Frontier
AC Compressor just went at 63K miles - $1,000 job to replace. Spark plugs need to be replaced every 30K per the manual. Stock tires are great - 46K miles on the first set of Wrangler SRAs - good snow performance here in Colorado. Interior is cheap, I had rattles almost from the beginning in the dash and air outlets. I average 25 mpg including occasional 4X4 driving (roads, not off road). Overall I would give it a satisfactory rating, not the best SUV around, but for what I paid I am getting about what I expected.
Ist my engine went at 18,000 miles and needed to be replaced. Now I am having blinker problems, plus a lower left ball joint and arm. It sucks.
At just over 50,000 miles I had to replace the left wheel bearing. Some other minor electrical issues so far. Jury is still out on overall reliablity.
My first Jeep was a 94 Cherokee which I bought used in 95. I drove it for over 14 years with only regular maintenance, except for when some bonehead broadsided me in 1999 and totaled it. I loved that car so much I had the body rebuilt and it kept right on running like a champ. Finally it started having problems a couple years ago - mainly it just wouldn't start - not even attempt to turn over. I gave my baby away, as I needed a dependable car at that moment. (Its now killing me that the guy fixed it and is driving it daily. I miss my baby!) I drove a nice older Dodge for a while but when its transmission started slipping, better to bow out and buy another car. A year ago I went looking for a Jeep. Bought a 2009 Patriot with 38K miles on it - nice little car, good gas mileage and my 1st 4-cylinder, which I didn't want but was surprised at how much I liked it after driving it. The little thing will scoot when you need it to. Love the sound system in it and the simplicity of the interior. One year later, the ABS, ESP and other brake lights came on, though I've had no issues or odd noises with braking. It had just rolled over 40K miles (I work at home and don't drive daily), so I'm thinking the sensor must be off. Wrong. Took it to the dealership and spent close to a grand to have the hydraulic ABS unit replaced. Needless to say, I am really really mad. One more major problem with a car this young and it is GONE - and I won't be buying another Jeep.