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2011 Jeep Liberty (1 Review)
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We bought out 2011 Liberty used in 2013. We wanted a decent winter rig for our snowy area. We did a bunch of research on it and it seemed like a solid choice. Come to find out we were very wrong. We maintained the vehicle well as we have all of our cars and never had issues. The interior is very plastic which we liked because it makes cleaning easy and doesn't hold weird smells. The liberty drives like a truck which didn't bother us at all but did some of our passengers. Within the first few months our rear shocks started going out, there was a whistle coming from the windshield which apparently there is an issues with the windshields needing replaced regularly turns out that the replacement had been set in wrong. We paid to have that fixed. Then our brakes went from being fine to metal on metal with no warning because the sqealer broke off that was while we were out of town. Then not long after our water pump went bad we replaced that pretty easy. Figured no big deal things happen. Then while we were out of town again the car starts howling and shaking turns out we had a bad wheel bearing. Again we fixed the issue and figured it was something we had done. Then 3 days ago we were on the highway through town switched lanes and the car starts to shake like it's going to shake apart. We pulled off the road came to a stop and the car died. We took it for a diagnostics test that showed misfires and a faulty coil. Changed the spark plugs wires and coils with no luck. Had it towed to Toyota as we don't like the Jeep dealer in town. Turns out to be a bad valve. $3000 repair. 74,085 miles on it. Had it for 15 months. Needless to say we are no proud owners of a brand new Toyota.