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2010 Jeep Liberty (2 Reviews)
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I finally got my jeep back for my oil leak and they say the oil filter is loose. They have tightened it over 7 times min 2 months and it keeps getting loose. No one and even the MFG can answer why it keeps getting loose. Does anyone know or have the same problem....I never owned a Jeep before and never had a oil filter become loose so much.........
I bought my Liberty renegade new 2010. I had the ac/heat blend door box go bad. They had to take out the entire dash to replace it. I had the blower motor burn out twice. I had the rear brakes wear out on the rear at 12000. The dealer charged me $400 as brake pads and rotors are my problem. I complained to the MFG and they wrote me a check for the whole amount. The dealer would do nothing. I hope they don`t wear out again in 12000 miles. I have 13500 miles now. At cold starts I hear piston slap. I brought it in and they told me normal. They all make noise at cold strats. I use to be a mechanic when I was young for 12 years and I know piston slap when I hear it. I brought it 2 other times and they hear it but said nothing they can do until it stays all the time. It quiets down when warm. The alum. pistons expand and fills in the cylinders to stop the slap sounds. it is not normal yet they won`t do repairs until it is busted. Most of all the v6 3.7 have engine piston slap as the engine is a poor design. I am lucky I got 7 years 100000 miles service contract as I hear excess valve train and lower block parts noise all the time, specially when cold. They won`t do anything until it breaks more or blows up they told me. I would never buy another one I can tell you that for sure.....I paid cash so I am stuck with this pc of crap.....