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I posted this video to find out what the problem was and to assist others that are having the same problem. puerrodurango1001 who posted below is correct. Evidently the dealer mechanic was not aware of the proper diagnosis and it didn't help that it never developed while at the dealership. Cudos to you purodurango1001!!!!! The "Tip Start" is what was happening and the fuel pump was the culprit!

After dealing with this problem for over a year the dealer finally hit on something that was illogical to me but worked to repair the problem. The mechanic ran tests on the Jeep and found that the fuel pump was loosing pressure. It was bleeding down more than specifications allowed. When I was told this information I said there was no way this was causing the starter to continue cranking with my hand off of the ignition switch. Made no sense. If the fuel pump is failing it would result in longer cranking time to start the engine but not cause the starter to continue cranking on its own.

I finally approved the fuel pump replacement. Since then, the starting problem has not happened at all. Somehow the fuel pump must send a signal to the computer to make the starter continue to crank even though the key is in the run position.

If you are having this problem I would recommend that you have the fuel pump pressure tested. If its bleeding down outside of specification, replace the fuel pump.

I have 08' liberty jeep and I have over three years and had no problems and now I have a bump starter problem it will not disengage until I shut it off and restart it is fine and it does not matter if it is hot or cold it will still do it and the dealership here in Pahrump say it is the nature of the beast when they came out with the bump start and will not fix it they say there is nothing they can do HELP ME PLEASE
I have a 2008 jeep liberty sport and it feels like am driving it
in 4wd. and is on 2wd.
power stering hose replcement 2 be found in ak ,located one in nebraska...wateing for 3 weeks for delivery. must be someplace in space