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2005 Jeep Liberty (5 Reviews)
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I have a 2005 Renegade. I like the flat hood design on these off-road versions of the Liberty. Here's more proof the Liberty Jeep Renegade is practically perfect:

Front-to-Rear locking differential; Jeep-worthy 4wd capability; True low range gearing; Tow bar compatible (you can disengage all four wheels from the engine by placing the x-fer case in "neutral"); Factory tow package; Light bar (creates your own personal daylight); Fog lights; Independent front suspension; 16 gear configuration choices ("2W-lo" in "OD" ; "4W-Hi" in "Drive", etc.); and the #1 reason the 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade approaches perfection: Movie Theater Style Dome Light Dim Sequence!

The Liberty is very capable off-road. And despite Consumer Reports findings to the contrary, the Liberty exhibits a fairly quiet cabin with only moderate-low wind and road noise. If it wasn't for window regulator failures I have experienced (six window regulator failures across three windows!), or the need to remove a stuck CD from the radio, and to perform routine, pre-paid maintenance, I could have avoided Folsom Lake Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep's service dept all together.

While the road has been bumpy at times (hey, isn't that why I got a Jeep in the first place?), and despite all we've been through, (or directly attributable to, thereof), I can honestly say I love My Jeep!

I have this jeep, so far I have had to replace rear window assembly, all new rotors and brakes, struts rear shocks, new a/c compressor, gas milage sucks, but power still there at 145,000 miles. The only problem i have now is steering. When im driving and turn rigt or left it sounds like its scraping, like when you go over a bump the front end sounds like a carriage, that needs to be oiled. Still havent figured out what it is yet any suggestions?
I own the Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Version of this vehicle and I have only had this in the shop twice, both times for factory recalls.
I tow a utility trailer often with this vehicle with often over 4000 lbs of cargo. I hope to keep this vehicle a long time and am very happy with it.
At 85k miles, my a/c just went out. It's also not a very smooth ride, but then again it is a Jeep. All in all, other than a few minor things, it's been a dependable car.
It is a comfortable vehicle and has reasonable power. It is able to traverse the interstates as well most, tame to medium, off road adventures. It lacks the mpg you might think you would get with a smaller SUV, but at the same time bearable. My major complaint would be the interior room. It seems to have less room than say a CR-V of the same vintage year. It's my second Liberty, so their doing something right.