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2003 Jeep Liberty (7 Reviews)
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I have a 2003 jeep liberty and I love the truck great in so many ways,it is a 5spd manual 4dr 4x4, The problem I am having only when I back up or the truck is cold it makes a grinding sound like something under the truck wants to or is going to snap in half I have had the ball joints replaced and no I am trying to find out if anyone is having or has had the same problem and could somehow point me to what this could be.It almost sounds like it could be something to do with the axle but I am not sure and I know that something like that will probably run me alot of money so any suggestions or help would be greatly appericated. Thank you very much
Reliable and easy to repair. I have had two Jeeps, both saved me, after minor collisions. Had 2002, then 2003 which I still have. I expect this one to last awhile, I have no desire to get a new car,because a person never knows what the robots may have forgotten.
I've had the 03 Liberty since new ....90K miles on it . Most reliable vehicle I ever had .
Only needed oli changes and brakes . Got rear ended when stopped once by F 150 .
... Rear mounted Spare tire bounced the Jeep nicely forward.... no dents ; no damage .

F 150 could not be driven ....crumple zone crumpled nicely .

The Liberty is a real beast in the Michigan snow with good winter tires on it . Selec-Trac transfer case with full time 4X4 option is a must .
I've had this vehicle for 7 months. Excellent little car, recently had a roll over with multiple rotations and I self extricated and walked away with minimal injuries!!!! looking for another Jeep, excellent safety!
I purchased a used 03 jeep liberty sport. 3.7 v6 automatic. Ever since I purchased in Begining of Sept. '08 I havent stopped spending money and I will continue spending. Recently the vechile is starting 2 give real problems. RPM decreasing while driving speradically n sounds of water running through the pipes or dashboard of the car while driving. the heat/ac does not work unless in 4 or 1-3 you can feel slightly while driving. Not 2 mention the squeaking noise coming from the rear after all brake pads n rotors have been replaced.
Love my Jeep Liberty! It's a sturdy little vehicle and I've only had the lower ball joint problem to contend with as far as repairs. The only thing I don't like is the interior lighting is too sparce. When I looking for something in the back, the overhead lights are too far away to illuminate the area. That's my only beef.
This has been a great truck. I have the renegade package and I love it. I bought it new and I have only had one major problem which was fixed under warranty\recall. Only problem now is the gas mileage since gas prices have started to sore.