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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (6 Reviews)
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I have been fortunate with my Jeep since I purchased it in June 2005 (New).Most issues have been minor and just involved replacing parts that reached the end of their life cycle. I have always stayed on top of maintenance,including oil changes every 3000 miles. The one issue that has cost me the most is the differential. I had all the gears replaced at a cost of $2000 and in less than a year I had to have it repaired again and this time found a better repair deal at $585. Still in both situations that low whining noise will not disappear. I have 171,300 miles on it and I plan to drive it for as many years as I can. The cost of a new one is in my opinion ridiculous. When the warranty is gone I suggest staying away from Jeep Dealerships and their repair facilities. Instead find a local repair facility that will not overcharge for repairs and if they do you right stick with them.
How involved is replacing/fixing the belt tensoner. Also there is a noise when I turn left and it feels like the power steering is gone but when I'm done with the turn it's fine.
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I have a couple of issues with mine and can't seem to find anyone that knows what the problem is. First, when you hit any sort of bump at all the whole front end rattles like I'm fixing to lose about half of whats under there. Had the motor mounts replaced, didn't help. Second, when turning the wheel, something is grabbing and making an awful noise like the traction control or something is trying to engage. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and love it. I did have some problems though... one of which was the drive train needed replacing but thankfully it was before the warranty ran out. The 2nd was stalling of the engine while driving at high speeds on the highway... going 65-75mph with a tractor trailer behind you and stalling is scary. This happened more than once, but luckily I was able to steer the Jeep to the breakdown lane each time and restart it as though nothing had happened! The dealership replaced the battery and this seems to have stopped this problem. I've had Jeeps for over 15 years... my first was a bare bones model(unlike my present car) which bounced me around and gave me no problems at all... I traded it in for my 2nd then 3rd and now this one. My 2005 is approaching 60,000 miles and I'm hoping I can go another 60,000 or beyond. If not, I'll probably get another Jeep but one without so many bells and whistles if they make them that way any longer. But I love my ole 60,000 mile "Bluebell"... she and I are about the same age in miles... I put on a good 10,000/year.
I bought my 3rd jeep cherokee 2005 new but it will be my last.
The low tire light has been on since i bought the thing. Everytime i take it in for warranty repairs they tell me it something i did.
abs wheel sensors have been replaced twice . my lights flash all the time and i have replaced the remote keypad 3 times. i have 67,000 miles on it. am on my third set of tires, i took it in with 12000 miles and complained about tire ware but might as well put a note in a bottle and threw it in the gulf.
My 2005 Jeep Grand cherokee Limited ia as good or even better than any other luxary vehicle. This jeep is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. My avg fuel milage is apx 19.5 - 20.00 The Quality of construction and interior detail is beyond excellent. This trail rated jeep will climb a mountain with out roads. Ther is none other than a JEEP. I t still ownes up to the saying [Jeep is A Legond.] I am over 60 yrs old and a indepandent Mechanic and have owne other makes. this Jeep beats them all. Why miss the fun and honor of owning the best. I bought this jeep used with 86,000 miles now has 120,000 miles.My only expense has been regular maintance oil chg. ect.