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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (7 Reviews)
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i have had the rotors cut @ 14k, new rotors @ 16k, new pads @ 21k, and now at 22k it looks like rotors either need cut or replaced again. this model seems to eat rotors. i would like to hear from any other owners with the same issue.
I just purchased my 2004 Grand Cherokee. It looked good and drove nicely. Thus far after driving it almost 1,000 miles, it has needed more repairs then the vehicle (Dakota P/U) I traded in the 8 years I owned it. It also only get 18 MPG, bad for a 4.0 6 cyl motor.
Chrysler not very friendly, broken frame on left side.
I have a 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo and belive me will be the last jeep or chrysler i will ever buy. In the past 3 years ive spent thousands of dollars to fix it. From eletcrical,to suspension, transmition and so on. It was my biggest mistake, after it hit 75000 miles it has been a nightmare
I have had my 204 Grand Cherokee since 2005. It now has 180,000 plus miles, and outside of normal maintenance (tires, brakes, etc) the only major repair I have hade to make was the transmission at 150K due to a broken sun gear. I would own another Jeep anytime.
My 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited has everything you could possibly want in a car - SUV versatility, smooth handling, comfortable seats, all the bells and whistles. Have only had minor problems with it, seems normal to me, and as for a "death wobble", I drove a Pathfinder a couple of months ago with the same problem - people who think they know how to fix things and fixing the WRONG thing; it can really get expensive. My advice, get a good mechanic, and if you have to save money, just pay them for the diagnosis. Most smaller shops will do it for you. As for mine, I've replaced three window regulators (one twice on the same window) - don't slam the doors so hard, its not necessary and they will last longer; water pump a few years ago, normal wear and tear on brakes and ONLY ONE TUNEUP IN 157K! The car starts and runs reliably every single time! I had an A/C leak that I had to have fixed a couple of times - wasn't the car, it was the mechanic who didn't fix it right the first two times.

Anyway, had the car since it had 44K, drive it everywhere, even tho we have 3 other vehicles, put over 100k on it myself, expect to put another 100k. If you're driving a 20 year old car, guess what, its going to need repairs! I love my jeep, my sister bought a Liberty that she loves, and my brother has a 2000 Cherokee sport that he loves. We are a Jeep family now and from here on out!
Overall a good car with 120K miles on it. Tranny sometimes does nor shift immediately from park to drive after sitting for several hours. Pressing on the gas lightly solves this.