2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners review and rate their 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee (6 Reviews)
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Bought my GCL new, now have 250,000 K on it and starting to get some lifter noise. I did have to replace the tranny. It has been a great vehicle, and has served us well.
2001 Jeep GCL with 130K - true that it takes more than average expense to maintain however car is great on the road and very reliable - buying a used one requires evidence from owner that major maintenance has been completed especially common problems due to miles and age of car such as the failure of fan to operate on the automatic climate control functdion among others
2001 Jeep grand cherokee.Broken frame on passenger side.Never will i purchase another Jeep. Total piece of junk.
The right rear panel near the right rear door has developed body rust The vehicle has only 73,000 miles and wonder if Chrysler has addressed this. A dealer has said there is no recall but I am wondering if others have this problem as I see many, many same year and type Cherokee without this problem, Seems to me that a water leak has somehow found its way in and to repair it a body shop said it is rust coming out from the inside and requires removing rr panel, possibly a defect in its quality control when built. As the owner I take care of my vehicles. My wife's 1996 Chrysler LHS original owner with 54,000 miles has no exterior body rust.
These trucks are no good from the time my wife brought hers the thing has been no good,the back goes up on all of them and head gaskets go up in them all
Currently having trouble with the heater. Right side vents blow cold air. There is also an intermittent leak that soaks the passenger side footwell. I've replaced the transmission and both front door window gear boxes. Not real happy with the vehicle other than looks.