2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners review and rate their 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee (7 Reviews)
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This is a very good vehical so far I only had it for two months and it's giving me the cofidents that it will meet all my expectation
I love my 2000 Grand Cherokee with v6 engine. I bought it used back in 2005 with about 50k miles. Its been great! It has 233k miles and still start right up. Only major component if have changed is a starter.
The jeep year of 2000 is in great shape.
We realy like the Jeep 2000, MPG is not great, but rides good. Now it has an over-heating problem. But thats my scrowup I didn't change the coolent in the past 5 years. If you take care of this suv it will last you a long time.
Rear Main Seal
Bought new 02/00, loaded - all options with a 6 cyl engine for the low end torque (boat ramps). Only 39,000 miles. Repairs: 2 recalls, plus both front elec. door locks in 2008, and all 6 gas struts in 2009. Drives and looks great.
Bought this at the beginning of this winter and its been nothing but good to me. Starts everyday even in the coldest weather, eats up the road (even in snow) and this V8, 4.7L aint that bad on gas either getting roughly 21mpg highway. The interior is spacious and loaded with leather. Power everything even the moonroof and seat adjusters. With Tilt-Steering and a cruise control this baby is great on the highway and looks good too. So far so good.