1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners review and rate their 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee (3 Reviews)
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Had a lot of 4x4 cars and this is the best handling SUV on Mt. roads I have seen. I have the Orvis model with heavy duty suspension.Engine is extremely good off the line and pulls really heavy trailers. Mileage now is 173k and shows no sign of letting up. It's the magnum v8 and the mpg is not the best but you pay to have fun.
Biggest piece of CRAP Chrysler has built in a LONG time.
This is the second 1997 Grand Cherokee that I have owned. I searched out the twin to my original one because I enjoyed it so much. I have found that keeping up with small maintenance items keeps this a very comfortable and reliable vehicle.
Two minor complaints
1) When using 4 wheel the front-end can seem a bit noisy. Just keep parts lubricated
2) Wish gas mileage was a bit higher.

Caution on brakes - rotors can be warped very easily if wheel nuts are not properly torqued into place. Use a torque wrench instead of torque sticks or guns and you can extend life of rotors greatly.

I also had a 2003 GC and enjoyed it as well but it had an almost sporty ride while this model screams luxury.