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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee (6 Reviews)
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My 96 jeep grand cherokee limited edition recently aquired a dead battery and altinator....on a friday I accidently set off the alarm and because I have no "clicker" for it I have to lock and reclose the door then open it with key properly for the system to quit. I did this ....come monday morning the battery and altinator are dead :(
It takes awhile to charge it a tiny bit but it doesn't stay running. I wondered if maybe the security system believes it's still on?
I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee I love my Jeep but after chanageing the Ingiation coil it was running just fine now it is stalling out when you come to a slow stop the RPM's go down to nothing and it dies out. When you let it Idel it will cut out. I was driving down the road the other night and had to slow down for someone turning and it cut out one me if you let it sit for a few minutes it will restart any ideas what it could be? Ihave a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Litimed Black and Gold
Bought used in 2009. BIG PCM problem, many PCMs, even some "refurbished" units have a faulty ignition coil circuit. This faulty circuit causes stalling, backfiring, no-starting and ruins catalytic converter. Once I returned my 2nd refurbished PCM the stalling went away as did the CEL code.

Otherwise excellent Jeep, minor flaws that you would expect from used cars. some suspension bushings wore out pre-maturely, air conditioning wears out compressor squeals, exhaust manifold develops tick, interior door trim can peel apart.
My jeep purchased new in 1996, now i have 210k miles. Great car i have had the transmission rebuilt at 170k, radiator and water pump at 180k. Now having problem with PCM causing poor idling or shut down. Other than that still runs great!!!
my anti-theft system just started giving me problems and it' s affecting my engine running well. besides that the jeep been good to me.
I bought the car new. Maintained very well, only has 89000 miles in today. Both recalls was done. I love my Jeep but without any warning recently the engine just stops at stopping signs. Turns off completely. we changed many thing on it to find the cause, like fuel pumpp, crank sensor, distr.cap, rotor, ign. coil, spark plugs, fuel sensor, trottle position sensor, idle air control thermostat, now we are changing fuel injectors. Hoping that that would fix the probleim. Dealer/service indicated injector leak. Minor thing like driver doors auto lock is not working, dash light just goes away, leaks on rear bearings (fixed) are probleim. Rear window lock not open suddenly but I can live with that. The major problem is the stopping at ideling/low speed or at stop signs. It drive me crazy not to be able to find the cause! I gave the body a 3 because debris can go between the front fender and doors from the corner of the hood and accumulate at the bottom of the body. It is very difficult to clean and smells. Otherwise the interrior are very comfortable, drives very smooth I love my Jeep. IMO the body was the best design, I like it better than the new ones. The spare tire should not be in the cargo area though.