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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (7 Reviews)
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I love my Jeep!
Bought this black and gold beauty new in 1994 for my wife. It was our first new car and will be our last. I just bought her a 2007 black Commander so I can keep the Grand Cherokee. The
two black Jeeps look very classy in our garage. For 17 years it has been faithful. We live in a rural area with lots of snow and 3 miles of back roads to town. The Jeep was the right choice.
It has been trouble free. It's serviced every 3000 miles. It pulls our boats and trailers. Even pulled a trailer with 10,000 lbs. of sod over 40 miles. Got my ear chewed over that one.
The only problem I have had was with the alarm system. Baught it used with 103000 miles. Restored the farm house with and cleared 4 acres with it. It now has 198000 mile on looks great. Previous owner service it well and I cotinued the same oil changed every 3000 miles. Did have to replace all disc and calipers the were just worn out but you have to stop. Oh did I mention I was pulling a trailer all the time.
This car was garaged by the original owner and then sold 3 years ago to my friend who in turn sold it to me but after she drove down to mexico about 2 hours past cancun. since I bought it 2 years ago I have had to have the water pump replaced. Now that I have been experiencing the death wobble I have replaced the stabalizer bar and tie rods and had an alignment ...did'nt work. So I'm going to shoot for the shock absorber that is connected to on of those bars and the one bar that comes from the steering wheel( the part that connects to the rest of the front end..I think it has a u joint that should probably be replaced , oh yeah and because it shook so bad I have to replace a broken motor mount( left side) and the steering box that cracked all that and then will the rotors need turning you betcha. finally off to balance the new tires. I will probably pull most of the parts if I can at pick and pull but with all the money I have to spend guess who gets to fix it. Me. I am now getting grease all over my hands. yuck. I would like to start with the motor mount . Is it going to be really hard Should I use a cherry picker or floor jack? oh yeah I had to replace the passenger side knuckle because the wobble bent the calipers and the screw that hold the calipers to the hub on the bottom were stripped and it tweaked the calipers Now I need to get new brakes too. The castle bolt that holds the knuckle on had to be cut off what a nightmare. It has been a challenge every step of the
way. I think cars that do this dangerous thing should be recalled. I don't understand because it is uncontrollable I have almost wiped out on the golden gate bridge. I am losing wages not being able to commute.
Best SUV ever built in America. We have had a 94 Laredo for 5 years, second owners. We bought the jeep with 130k on it and a folder full of maintenence records from the previous owner. Our 65k on it are flawless. Changed the waterpump and radiator. Oil cooler lines, and rear brakes. New front end from an accident (not our fault). Other than normal 150k plus replacements this has been everything we could ask for. If you can find one with service records buy it as fast as you can. 17 years old and only a couple of surface rust spots. Best vehicle I have ever owned.
This is my first Suv and i just love it
I have a 1994 Grand Cherokee with 138,000 miles. I bought it new. I have not had any mechanical problems until the last 2 years. This my second Cherokee (the first one was a 1997) and I have loved them both.