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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners review and rate their 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2 Reviews)
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I bought a 1993 jeep grand cherokee lorado 4 wheel drive 4.0 engine.. so far I have replaced the starter,generator,2 pullys all radiator hoses and radiator,battery,u-joints ball joints track bar bearings steeering stableizer, struts, controller bar, rotors brakes twice, rebuilt the transmission,replace the controle module for the transmission twice,the hood cable,the wiper motor for the hatch,two electric windows,thye brake switch,the parts that hold the hatch open,the electric fuel pump,the catalytic converter,starter,power steering pump hose,headlights,the E brake cap just poped off while just sitting there in the jeep. It is by far the biggest piece of juunk I have ever purchased.. It should be spelled CHEAP not Jeep. When I was a kid they made steel tonka truckes that were built better...
1993 grand cherokee. I bought it at a auction in December 1994. I now have 450,000 miles on it. It has original drive train. the rear diferential was rebuilt 20,ooo miles ago. I drive the car every day. the oil is changed every 2,000 miles. It is the best car I have ever owned.