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2007 Jeep Commander (3 Reviews)
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I bought a 2007 Jeep Commander. It will be the first and last Jeep I buy. It stalls out going down the road or parked in idle. Had some injectors and spark plugs replaced but didn't fix a thing. I noticed recalls on Jeep Commanders built before January 2006 for PCM reprogramming due to stalling but nothing for later models. I suspect it's the same problem. There is a recall for a power train encoder but they claim its for the transmission slipping into neutral during park and rolling off, not for the stalling issue. Even though they have that recall, they don't yet have a solution. Save your self a huge hassle and stay away from Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep.
Same story here...bought the 2007 "Rocky Mountain" edition in 2010 and truly love the vehicle. I haven't had any issues until recently. The transmission is failing to shift correctly between 1st gear and 2nd? It slams into 2nd gear under any sort of acceleration. Jeep flashed transmission with updated program but same story. Jeep has no fix other than a new trans for 3K!! It doesn't affect mpg or general driving but I assume I'm on borrowed time with the trans. Anyone have any other suggestions than trans replacement? Thanks!
I bought my 2007 Jeep Commander July 2010 and I love this vehicle. I didn't do any work on this vehicle, other than regular maintenance like oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations, until about a month ago. I have replaced my thermostat and literally, today purchased a new set of brakes and 2 new tires for the front of the Jeep. I have heard horror stories about Jeeps and I have not experienced any with mine. Let's be honest, I wish I got more than 13 miles a gallon, but the size and the secure feeling I get while driving her in Atlanta traffic is worth more to me than extra dollars at the pump. As I write this, I thought of one other issue I've encountered with the vehicle - the reset button sticks. But I'm blaming a drink spilled somewhere for that one. Jeep Love!