1996 Jeep Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Jeep Cherokee owners review and rate their 1996 Jeep Cherokee.

1996 Jeep Cherokee (2 Reviews)
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I bought my 96 jeep when it was 5 years old.Came with the 4.0 motor,auto, 4 wheel drive. It's a country model and I love it. It had belonged to a salesman ( bridge) and had 200k+ but ran great.I kept it 5 years and besides a set of tires and upkeep never turned a bolt on the body or motor. I made the mistake of selling it to my son.Had a chance to get it back last year after several owners. It now has over 300+k and still runs like a scalded dog, handles like a VW.So happy, and enjoy driving it very much.
Have had minor issues with my 96 Cherokee Classic. Overall, I love the thing. I'm currently fighting an overheating issue, which hopefully will turn out to have been only a radiator problem. I want to get it up and going again so I can get another 100,000 out of it!