1995 Jeep Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Jeep Cherokee owners review and rate their 1995 Jeep Cherokee.

1995 Jeep Cherokee (2 Reviews)
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my jeep finally died!!!! lol, 265,000 miles... if the body was in better shape i would have rebuilt the rearend... quite literally, was driving and the rear end locked up... like i had yanked the E-brake... pulled the driveshaft out of the transmission while i was still moving down the road... it was a beast for a very long time!!! but i decided that the body was too far gone to put more work into it... never once got stuck in it, mud, snow, didnt matter... once pulled out a ford f350 with it... silly ford guy, tried telling me on the phone that i wouldnt even make it back in the marsh as far as he did... sad that jeep is gone, but now i have another one, just have to rebuild the motor before i can go 4wheeling again!!
i have put every thing new in it and it has cost me a lot of money can u tell me where the 4 wheel drive switch is