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1994 Jeep Cherokee owners review and rate their 1994 Jeep Cherokee.

1994 Jeep Cherokee (3 Reviews)
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Bought my first jeep cherokee new in 94 - now it has 230,000 miles and been in the shop one time for a clutch (dahh at 220,000 miles). I have had to replace the ignition switch (2) times myself (well of course that part is a chevy). But, this will be probably the best buy of my life and the best vehicle ever. 22 mpg in the city 29 on hwy (2 door/clutch/4.0). Love that AMC/Jeep engine. A great work horse and just the right size. I'll keep this one my entire life. I would buy one in a new york second if they still made them. My wife has the 04 Grand Cherokee (Great vehicle). My friend has a good 94 Toyota (good small truck) - thus we take tabs who has been in the shop the most, who can pull the most, what you can do with the vehicle the most. (Jeep Cherokee wins hands down over the Toyota). I have had both of my young draftsmen that work for me buy a jeep cherokee and Grand (certain models of course) . Now they see the real life of owning something worth having and keeping.
I own a 1989 Cherokee Laredo. I bought it in 1994 and it had 113,000 miles on it. Since I have owned I would say my biggest headache has been the cooling system.(overheating). Other than that this vehicle has probably been the most reliable I have ever owned.Thru the years it been taken a lot of abuse and it has always remained reliable. I have personally run all of the oil and transmission fluid (separate occurrences)out of this vehicle and and after fix the problems ( which were simply I serviced the vehicle and it didn't burp. Today this jeep has 360,000 miles on it and it still has the original engine and transmission. I don't know if I've been lucky or if Jeep (AMC) actually built an awesome vehicle. Personally, I would probably never own a newer model jeep with the exception of the wrangler models.
This cherokee is nothing but a piece of S_ _ _ _. nothing like pouring money into these jeeps. The old ones and the new are the same. If you love headaches all the time buy a Jeep now its a fiat aka jeep