1992 Jeep Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

1992 Jeep Cherokee owners review and rate their 1992 Jeep Cherokee.

1992 Jeep Cherokee (2 Reviews)
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I LOVE MY JEEP. PERIOD. I've owned 3-4 Jeeps now as well as quite a few others (including Toyota 4Runner, Isuzu Trooper, Ford Bronco, and a few sedans) and not a one of them could even come CLOSE to the love affair I have with my Jeeps. They're rugged, handsome, easy to maintain, and you just can't kill 'em! It's a feel-good buy for any American - is made in the good ol' USA, unwaveringly reliable, and when it does need work, it's cheap and easy to fix. Shoot, I'm a chick and I"ve worked on my own! Do yourself a favor and own one... you'll be addicted.
Overall problem free vehicle (138,000M). Liked this one so much I also have a 98 and a 04. Just keep the maintenance up and they'll run for at least 200k.