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2006 Jaguar XK8 (1 Review)
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Bought my 2006 XK8 convertible 18 months ago. Had 29,000 miles at purchase. Now have 38,000 miles. Car is used half & half in-town and hi-way. Had left Lo-beam h/light bulb fail (Not made by Jaguar). So far that is the extent of my problems. My local mechanic (Of 30+ yrs) can handle routine maint. on Jaguars. He's very honest and will refer to someone else if he doesn't feel qualifed. FIND A MECHANIC THAT YOU CAN TRUST AND STICK WITH HIM! (P.S. If you go in with the attitude "I don't trus you, YOU WILL GET SCREWED.) Dealers and other shops quoted $280 to $450 for the 30,000 mile service. My guy did it by the book and found that dealer that I bought from had replaced air. cabin and oil filter as well as new front brake pads and the oil. He charged me for 45 minutes labor. Not your normal service story is it? This is not my only Jaguar. I also have a 1994 XJ6. Routine maintence only, pretty much the same story. I Look for the end of a series (94 XJ6-Last of the XJ Sedans and 2005/2006-Last of the XK8's) My theory is that they should have figured out how to screw them together by then. So far, I've been right.