1998 Jaguar XK8 Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Jaguar XK8 owners review and rate their 1998 Jaguar XK8.

1998 Jaguar XK8 (3 Reviews)
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Coolant light man. Sounds like ya take your car to the wrong shop not your fault you have air in the system and will fry your motor. Like a roasted kitten in heat. Most air bleed the system there's a bleeder screw just for it, and go back to that shop and smack Lenny and ssquigie around a little it will make ya sleep good that nite. The Cal HERO
I purchased a ;98 XK* with 68,000 miles and a 5yr, 100,000 warranty on engine and transmission. Well, that has not been an issue. At first the car would run for 280 miles before the low coolant light would come on. Had new fan switch installed, light still comes on . Had new hoses comletley replaced to the tune of $3,500, light comes on now at 75 miles Had new T Stat installed, pressure tested, no leaks but still the low coolant light comes on now at 15 miles. Seems to be leaking from seconday expansion tank but know one, I MEAN NO ONE can figure out why. After over $5,000 it is worse than ever. I am at my witts end. Currently in the shop but no remedy. At this stage it is inoperable. Great investment!
Ever since new the thing leaks coolant and the coolant low light comes on. Nobody can find the leak. If I fully top the little tank on the driver's side under the bonnet, the light goes out but will happen again soon. Sometimes I smell coolant. Sometimes leaks on the garage floor. Once or twice, major leaks after parking. But usually notice nothing yet the light comes on and it loses coolant. Other than that, the biggest problem is all the plastic parts breaking. They didn't use the right kind of plastics. But is is a great care save these fairly major annoyances. Oh yeah, the radio cuts out randomly when hot, and of course the CD skips like crazy.