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1997 Jaguar XK8 owners review and rate their 1997 Jaguar XK8.

1997 Jaguar XK8 (3 Reviews)
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A witch dressed like a queen!!Many problems on these cars 97 to 00 very bad.01 to 03 a little better.I do my own work so i took the risk these cars look great and run great when their are no problems.Water pump plastic BREAKS!Themostat housing plastic BREAKS.Nikasil engine problem.
Biggest headache timing chains and tensioners plastic rubbish again!
Drink cup holder breaks.Front end weak many problems including bad tire wear.These cars are like babies need constant attention.Many more problems as you will find out.I guess from 03 they improved greatly.Jaguar never confess to the inferior parts and only cover their small mickey mouse warranty.You have been WARNED!
I have a 1997 Jaguar XK8 with 105000 miles. I purchased this car in 1999, my ex wife kept it after divorce, but I repurchased the car from her a few months ago. Right after me taking over the vehicle, I experienced a cooling problem. Add engine coolant light came on periodically, I refilled small amounts until the car overheated. The repair shop examined the car and determined to change all major hoses, water pump, thermostat, throttle, tensioner and serpentine belt.Total repair cost $4200. The car ran great for a week until I noticed a major oil dripping on my driveway. Puddles of oil underneath my car in the garage. Knowing about the sensitive nature of Jaguar engines, I had the car towed back to the mechanic. First impression were leaking cam cover gaskets and valve covers, too. Also the gear gasket where the engine meets the transmission. Estimation for repair $1500. After removal of cam covers, I was called to the shop to inspect the to me unknown problem with the timing chain tensioners and the guiding rails. All tensioners, made out of plastic, were cracked and the guiding rails were broken. The plastic pads on top of the tensioners were gone and the chains were rubbing on the metal pads. Because of the broken off plastic they suggested to change the oil pump,all tensioners and rails, chains and seals. Another bill of $6000. Now it is understandable, why the bluebook value on these cars is on the low side. Great car, great looks, but major upkeep. I was assured by my mechanic, that now the car should run great now. All stories I have read on various forums sound very familiar and I feel lucky not to have the engine damaged.
overall a great sports car very good handleing but a bit underpowered the front shock supports bushings ,the rubber compound is very weak and starts to dicintergrate after 50 to 60k miles making a clunking noise up front , ohte r than this issue i love my xk8