1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas Reviews and Owner Comments

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1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas (2 Reviews)
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OMG I have had my 1999 vdp for several years. Love it to death. Had to put a headliner in and a fuel pump ( because I ran the tank low.. alot. bad idea. the fuel keeps them cool. low fuel heats them up and they burn out). IF U HAVE WHAT APPEARS TO BE A STARTER OR ALTINATOT OR BATTERY PROBLEM.....PLEASE check under the hood on the passanger side. there is a booted coupling in front of that weard storage box. mine coroded . this line brings the power up from the battery. unscrew the box and check the coupling on both sides. clean it,grease it and reboot the rubber .. should do the job.
The car is now eleven years old with 60,000 miles and, contrary to what one is led to believe, operating problems and costs have been small. The head liner let go, which I understand is common, and was replaced at about $1,000. The interior rear view mirror exploded spontaneously on a hot day and was replaced at about $400. Otherwise, the car runs and stops as new, appears as beautiful as it first did, and is as quiet as ever. All of that, and the lightly used Vanden Plas has depreciated to close to zero in the marketplace. Lovely car. A pleasure to own.