2002 Jaguar S-Type Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Jaguar S-Type owners review and rate their 2002 Jaguar S-Type.

2002 Jaguar S-Type (1 Review)
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I've owned this car for the last few years (Bought used, was a bank-repo) and so far I really can't complain about it too much. The engine has been flawless, no leaks of oil or coolant. The transmission has never produced a leak of any type either. The fit and finish of the exterior is wonderful. NOTHING rattles or is showing any signs of wear. The interior is also great, still tight after 9 years of driving with my only complaint being the one cup holder for the two front passengers and the drivers seat wearing on the outer bolster from getting in and out of the car. Nothing has ripped, cracked or come apart and ALL electrical options still function as they did when first new.

My only major complaint is that I have a transmission issue that I can't seem to diagnose??? "Transmission Fault Warning" shows in the odometer area, but the car drives fine??? The brakes have always been spongy but it stops well. Never had to panic stop with it and I don't look forward to having to! Besides that and usual routine preventative repairs (water pump, hoses & belts) nothing has gone wrong under the hood...Period! Currently at 98,000 miles and still going strong... but I figure something will go eventually and I'm sure it will be expensive when it does.

I get compliments on mine daily (No B.S.) and its not my favorite car, but its comfortable, handles well and is a great HIGHWAY car with exceptional gas mileage for a heavy sedan (26+ average MPG on the highway at 85mph). I would recommend this car to anyone with the means to maintain it. As we all know Jaguar makes a visually beautiful car that can be bothersome at times and very costly when something major does go wrong, but with routine work done, mine has been running and driving well with the exception of the few issues mentioned before.