2002 Infiniti Q45 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Infiniti Q45 owners review and rate their 2002 Infiniti Q45.

2002 Infiniti Q45 (1 Review)
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I recently bought a 2002 Q45- After replacing struts, putting $1220 in Michelin tires, O2 sensor and assorted other items related to a used car, the ride/engine is fantastic. The exhaust system is having issues now due to rust underneath- a common problem with this car. The gas mileage stinks and the required super unleaded fuel wears on your pocket book. This is a really fun and fast car to drive for a luxury vehicle, but be ready for ridiculously expensive repairs when required. This car reminds me of my SAAB- a blast to drive and a bummer when it needs works- too darn expensive to fix! Only buy this car if you can afford to fix it when it breaks!