1999 Infiniti Q45 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Infiniti Q45 owners review and rate their 1999 Infiniti Q45.

1999 Infiniti Q45 (2 Reviews)
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Bought this car new in Sept 1999. Just love it.
It has great power and a nice quiet and smooth ride.
Love the auto adjusting seats and steering wheel with two separate settings.
The Bose Audio system is amazing.
The paint has held up so nice it looks like new.

The only issue I ever have had was an intermittent misfire when idling. Replaced the Spark plug coils and it is now perfect again. Car now has over 134K miles looks new!

BTW, I like another reviewer was not happy putting Hi test Gas in it which I did for years. But then I tried mid grade. No noticeable difference in Performance. And now I use regular and still no issue. NO Ping no knock and that is because this cars computer adjusts the timing for whatever gas is in it. Not like an old Carburetor that will cause knocking if the timing is off with low test gas. So save money and use regular.

Now if I want the car to look totally new I will replace the Driver seat with a brand new leather cover to factory spec. yep. I am keeping this car until it dies.... and why not its probably worth about $3K now.
My biggest worry is that I get hit and the damage is above the book value and they refuse to fix it. Now THAT will be sad. Cause this car is fantastic. I have checked out Mercedes and BMW's and nothing compares. And I hate all that digital stuff on cars these days. I love the ease of analog controls.

And Infiniti has nothing that compares in Size to this Q. Everything is based on the G chassis which is like a sports car compared to this Luxury car.

this is a great car for the mileage. nonsmoker, taken great care of the car.