2002 Infiniti I35 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Infiniti I35 owners review and rate their 2002 Infiniti I35.

2002 Infiniti I35 (2 Reviews)
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This car is a gem.I only have two problem with it.I changed the struts 6 months ago and it feels like the front right is messed up.I had the car checked and everything is fine.The other is the pinging when I step on the gas.Is their anything I could do to fix this?Any additive that could fix this?
I have several problems:
1. I hardly ever open the sun roof. Now if I want to open it, it won't open. I don't know the cause.
2. I recently had to replace the struts. I never had this problem with any car.
3. When I click to open the doors, only the driver's door opens right away. I have to click 3 more times to get the other doors to open.
4. I recently had to replace a leaking radiator. Another first for me with ANY car.