1997 Infiniti I30 Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Infiniti I30 owners review and rate their 1997 Infiniti I30.

1997 Infiniti I30 (5 Reviews)
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I'm the second owner of an Infinti I30 I've had the car for three or four years it has 204,000 miles
I've had it painted and put 18'' chrome rims on it....and it looks great I love this car and plan on giving it to my Kid eventually. The only problem I'm having with this car is it has a miss when I put it in drive especially when I use the air conditioning, I was told it might be the coil paks, I took it to the Auto Zone to run computer check on it, the computer showed that several senors need to be replaced I hope that solves the problem.
My parents got it in 1999 with very low mileage. I got it from them in 2008. It's got 185,000 miles on it and runs great! I love this car!! I think I'm spoiled for life....nothing will ever ride this great (at least not what I can afford). I do a lot of highway miles so I get about 25 mpg, but what a sweet ride!!
past 200K miles and still going strong... looking forward to break 300K without any major issue
I have over 235,000 miles on this car, little things are starting to go - the check engine light has been on for the past 100,000 miles without me having it looked at, and without affecting the car's performance.
Despite its ugly exterior, the car is very very good on the interior in terms of comfort, appearance, and intuitive design.
This has been the best, most rliable car I have ever owned. I have kept up with the maintenance and they only item I have replaced is the starter. I currently have 113,000 miles on the car and it runs great. I still get 25 mpg on the highway.