1995 Infiniti G20 Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Infiniti G20 owners review and rate their 1995 Infiniti G20.

1995 Infiniti G20 (3 Reviews)
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In 2004 I purchased used a 1995 Infinity G20t with 114,00 miles. Immediately the A/c stopped blowing cold air. Took to a local A/c shop and had it recharged and also a leak detecting agent. It's 2012 and it still is working great. I have replaced both front drive axles, a lower control arm,struts,alternator,radiator,water pump,hoses,belts,battery(twice),brakes and tires. I just had transmission seviced a couple of months ago. I do most of the work myself which saves a lot of $ and in doing so I use nothing but the best in synthetic lubricants. It now has over 148,000 miles and I love it. I originally paid 3,200 so with this and the maint costs I figure I've spent roughly less than $500.00 per year thus far and remember that's including the purchase price. This is my around town and work vehicle. Did I mention everything works and has never left me stranded.The leather interior is about an 8 in a scale of 1 to 10. It even still gets the OEM MPG. So, what do I think of this vehicle? It's a winner. They should never have discontinued it.
I bought this vehicle (1995 Infinity G20t) used in 2004. A great little car. Interior is near perfect still (all leather) and I have probably spent $1,500.00 including tires on this vehicle since I've owned it. I do most of my own maintenance which saves $'s. It now has over 142.000 miles on it but seems to be pretty strong runner for being almost 17 years old. Needs a front drivers side axle now but this will be around $100.00 by the time I buy an axle,seal,boot and new spindle nut. This vehicle has never left me stranded, and since I don't drive that many miles I believe I will keep it as long as I can pass smog. Love it and would get another.
Love this car. We bought ours used but in good condition & it has done very well. Infiniti lifetime warranties their seat belts so when one of the rear seat belts wouldn't retract we took it to the local dealership service department & they replaced it free of charge.