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2005 Hyundai XG350 (7 Reviews)
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I own a 2005 Hyundai XG350L. It is a nice car. EXCEPT it is DEATH trap, Hyundai KNOWS it but ADAMENTLY refuses to make a simple repair. I think this is a problem with MANY 2003 to 2009 multi-model Hyundais. The SRS electrical harness under the drivers seat is too short to accommodate the engineered seat travel. The harness connection gets stressed or completely disconnected when the driver's seat is moved forward, thus defeating the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS, air bags) and the "seat belt" light stays on all the time, steady. Do a quick Google search on Hyundai XG350 air bag light, you will find a thousand complaints and reports. Hyundai is certainly aware of the issue!! My dealer tells me there is no fix, no recall, and no shop directive. Hyundai NA Customer Relations tells me the same thing. A simple 6" electrical "pigtail" using the same type of connectors would completely resolve the problem. They could have the pigtails made up, and send out shop directives to dealers on exactly how to fix the problem-------unplug existing connection, plug in the pigtail - DONE! I really just want to warn people in my situation of the danger and to also let those people there is NO "official" solution coming. Don't bother looking for a solution, it's a waste if your time. People can make up their own mind on buying a Hyundai, I sure have, but this issue goes to the state-of-mind of the whole Corporation. They.....don'
2005 XG350L. It's a great car. Have had it for seven years. 25 mpg.
I have owned my car for six years now and still love it. It has almost 250,000 miles on it and am hoping it goes another 250,000.
We've had our XG350 for 6 years. We bought it new and have loved it from the start. It's not perfect. The gas mileage isn't great, but for such a big comfortable car with plenty of power, I can't complain. Very comfortable ride, nicely appointed. We have one of the mysterious rattles that others speak of, but it's no big deal. The paint is holding up very well. We had something go wrong with the computer after 50k miles, but the dealer said that such problems were considered part of the emissions systems, thus covered for 7 years and they fixed it for free.

Some evil doer liked our car so much, they stole it right out of our driveway last week, and it was a very said day for us. We got it back, but they had trashed it pretty good, looks like they drove it in a demolition derby. :( I wish they still made it. The model they replaced it with isn't anywhere nearly as nice.
I love my car! It's the most car you can get for the money. I bought this car 3yrs old and only spend 10k on it. It has the feel of an expensive luxury car.
I adore this car!
I hate it