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2011 Hyundai Tucson (3 Reviews)
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Purchased car new. 2011 Tucson Limited FWD 4 CYLINDER . since day one, getting terrrrrible gas milage. supposed to get 22 city, 31 hwy. I am getting about 9 city and most ever 23 hwy. Been in shop for weeks.. for several issues. 9 months after purchase Taligate lifter went. 2 months later horn went. Dealer spent 3 weeks ripping apart steering wheel to fix.. finally third week. replaced horn and it worked. recently driver door handle would not open from inside. needed to open window and use outside. they ordered cable. needed handle. dealer rented car. waiting 3 days on repairs. brought car to several dealers in several states. could not find bad gas milage problem. no check engine light no repair. now my speedometer says going 60, digital speedometer says 31 MPH. no updates on regular basis. anyone has a suggestion. Went to dealer who had 6,000 off msrp. wanted to trade car in. when showed up.. bait and switch.. says dealer msrp after they add 6,000 worth of rim and detailing and..wood trim.. back to old msrp price. so raise price to lower price. what a rip off. Lied to my face.
car rides well. looks nice. just sick about bad gas mileage. # 1 reason I purchased car.
2011 Hyundai Tucson Limited owner with continuing ESC and TSC around 15k had to have it towed to a dealer b/c it would not shift out of or into park after the ESC/TSC lights came replaced the brake switch and said there would be no more at 27k, same issue...lights came on randomly in a car park,trouble getting it into park then it was fine. until today....another trip to the dealer is now scheduled.....thinking about trading it in now..anyone else with this complaint? and what , if anything, resolved it ?
I bought my 2011 Hyundai Tuscon , I got stranded 3.5 miles from home over thanksgiving 2011, The EPS light came on and could not steer. It was towed to Capital Hyundai in Montgomery Alabama, where service writer said the power steering colum had to be replaced. Well they gave me a loaner and I dove home. came back 2 days later.. No charge. Capital Hyundai lied to me, I dove the car off their lot and stoped .,Opened door and removed the power steering fuse from under the hood 10amp fuse, well good golly! I recreated the problem.. Not only did Capital Hyundai lie to me , they gave me a dirty car. it was not vaccumed out nor was it washed. I am now ready to sell this car. I called and was told they are are franchise, and almost 1 month later, no word from the dealership owner, I had called and left messages..