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2006 Hyundai Tucson owners review and rate their 2006 Hyundai Tucson.

2006 Hyundai Tucson (5 Reviews)
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I bought my U.S. built Tucson GL Dec 17, 2013 with 64,000 miles, so I've had it just over one month. It has a 2.0L with 5 speed manual and is FrtWD. I get 28 to 31 mpg in the city (seriously!) - I have not had it on the highway yet. Suspension is stiff and somewhat noisy. Lots of interior room. Rear defroster wasn't working. The 30A fuse was blown and it blows instantly when replaced, and the Air Bag 10A fuse was missing. After replacing it the Air Bag light stays on continually (someone didn't want to fix both problems obviously), so I have a couple of problems that need to be addressed. Purchased it through a dealer and decided to buy a 2 year, 24K limited power train warranty for an additional $400 just in case. Overall I am really enjoying it. It's my first Hyundai but I have had two Ford Escapes previously.
We own the V6 Limited. A solid, reliable car that I would buy again. Vehicle has had very few problems (with the exception of mediocre gas mileage). We run with headlamps "ON" at all times & have gone through NUMEROUS sets of low-beam lamps. In an effort to curb premature wear, we have begun to turn the lights on only AFTER starting (vs. leaving them on 24/7). Update: After 5 months, the headlamp problem described in January seems to have been solved by turning the lights off prior to start-up.
I bought my Tucson brand new in 2006. It's the lowest model they have - GLS 5-speed manual transmission - and it's awesome! It has A/C, power steering, power mirrors, power windows, cruise control, separate rear window opening from gate, power plugs throughout (which have come in handy more than I expected), intermittent wipers (which vary in speed depending on how fast you're going), and sun visors with sliding extensions (which I've only seen previously in expensive Buicks). Additionally, I routinely get 28-32 mpg on the highway which is usually unheard of in an SUV. The back seat fits a convertible car seat in the rear-facing position even behind the driver & passenger seats without having to scoot forward. The rear seats recline, have adjustable headrests, and are comfortable for adults. Not to mention this thing has air bags on all sides. Can you tell I LOVE my Tucson?
Great car! The only issue is the brakes. Pads get worn out too soon because it's a heavy car. I would buy another one!
I like my Tuscon, plenty of room, comfortable ride, just wish it wasn't 4 wheel drive so i'd get better mpg.