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2011 Hyundai Sonata (5 Reviews)
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Comfortable ride, a bit noisy with a/c, lots of electronic sensor and other mechanical issues that I experienced and read about but Hyundai has not been responsive to recall or covering under warranty. Buyer beware unless you know a certified mechanic, a backyard mechanic may be ill equipped to diagnose the various computer technological issues with this vehicle.
I bought a 2011 in late 2010--Hyundai Sonata and it was a big mistake to buy the first model year. With less than 48,000 miles it's been in the shop at least eight times for (thankfully) warranty work (poor quality manufacturing). The car looks nice inside and out but it gets poor gas mileage and has tons of electrical problems. I bought and drove Hondas for 30 years and will return to them after I get rid of this Sonata.
I purchased 2011 Hunyadi Sonata brand new in March 2011 and have been driving it since then. I never had any issues with it. The only thing I have changed is the battery but other than that it runs smoothly and looks great. My family loves it. Omar
We have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata that was purchased in 2013. At the time of purchase the car had 57,000 miles on it and now it has 79,000 on the odometer. The car looks great, but we have had the following problems:

*Dome Light- The dome light is supposed to come on when the car door is open. The light wouldn't come, therefore the dealer had to replace a switch. COVERED UNDER THE 60,000 MILE WARRANTY

*Steering Wheel Paint- The paint is peeling and others are experiencing this problem as well.

*Tire Sensor- One of the tire sensors went bad and had to have that replaced. The constant light on in the instrument panel is a headache.

*Front Fender- The fender cover is easy to crack. We have two cracks because the plastic is so cheap and flimsy. Don't hit anything because it will ruin it. TOUCH IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

*Fuel Pump- The fuel pump went out at 73,000. I was backing out the driveway and it just cut off. We had it towed to the dealer and they replaced the fuel pump. COVERED UNDER EXTENDED WARRANTY ($600.00 repair)

*Steering Rattle Over Bumps- The steering wheel is now rattling over bumps. They say the part is $9.00, but the labor will cost an additional $200.00. (NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY)

*Gear Selector Issue- Sometimes the car doesn't show the selected gear in the gear box. When this happens, the car usually jerks really hard and acts as though it doesn't want to accelerate.

We also had other problems where the gear shift didnt want to shift out of PARK. This was fixed under a recall.

This car has had several recalls including a recall with the brake system. The radio makes a weird noise at times when the car is started and I don't know what is causing this issue. I also hear a bumping noise that is coming from the back, so this could be something with the suspension. I live in Texas and the AC doesn't start to cool until the car is driven for a few minutes.

I thought Hyundai's were reliable, but we have had so many problems with this car. The warranty expires at 100,000 and it will go back to the DEALERSHIP.


I have a 2011 and in the very first year, the dealer replaced. The fuel door did not open, A battery, the started and a sensor. None of this cover under warranty.
Second year, one of the shafts of the front end, and something else on the steering wheel. Also no cover under warranty.
The third year, Cruise control switch, not working, the windshield pump and tips also not working properly. None of this cover under warranty.
After three years of service, my Sonata has a lot of interior issues in many places started to peal, the aircondition does not work properly. All the services has been done by the dealer. And every time is something broken that needs to be replace out of my pocket.

Over all, I think is a nice car. But it was manufactur very cheap. I will trade the car next year. But not for another Hyundai.
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