2004 Hyundai Sonata Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Hyundai Sonata owners review and rate their 2004 Hyundai Sonata.

2004 Hyundai Sonata (7 Reviews)
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It has been a pretty good car so far. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs good, sounds good. Also it gets up to speed. I have a v6 engine and the gas lasts me for a while as well. The only thing I have had to replace is the starter and the typical things like plugs, oil changes, other tune up stuff.
This car is a nightmare for me. I brought this car new and the car is now going on 8 years old and it has so many problems. I took it to my mechanic the other day and he informs me that I need: rear hub bearings, a rack, injectors and IAC (whatever that is). Also, my timing belt needs replacing. My car has approx. 120,000. I should have brought a Nissan like my family always did. When I had my Nissan, it was still running at 15 years old. It really did not have any problems. I never had to replace the rear hub bearings, a rack, injectors and IAC or any major parts. I would not suggest to anyone to buy a Hyundai.
The 2004 Sonota has got to be the biggest nightmare I have ever owned. I purchased it brand new in 2004 and by 2005 the clutch had to be replaced. Then by 2007 the flywheel, clutch, rear suspension, front axel and transmission all needed replacing. This car is still sitting in my garage and had been since 2007. The only good parts of the car would have to be the body and interior since it was only used less than three years. Stay far away from these type of cars, they will run you into the ground financially. If anyone needs the car cheap please get in contact with me at The car is gold in color.
I bought the car new and it still is like new. I had the brakes done, transmission maimtinance, and just the basics up keep. I love to drive it. It has such great pic-up , even at 135,000 miles. It rides like it is gliding above the ground. The most smooth ride I have ever experianced.As smooth as the Lincoln we had. I would ecomend the Hyundai to everyone.
I bought my 2004 Hyundai Sonata in the Summer of 2004. It had 17 miles on it. It was the first car I had ever bought without test driving! My husband said I would love it (he was a salesman for a Hyundai dealership), and I DID! It is the best car I have ever owned. Very low maintenance and the little things that have had to be repaired, ie., electric side mirrors, some fuses, gas door won't unlock, have been very affordable. I get my "baby" new tires often, regular oil changes and it just keeps going, going and going and now has 113,000 miles. My newest problem is the air conditioning. Last summer it started blowing warm air but when my husbands puts free on in it, it goes for another 4 weeks so we have not had it checked out yet. But overall.....NO COMPLAINTS! I would definitely buy and recommend this car again!! Oh! And I only have one car payment left!! I am hoping to get another 70,000 mi out of it before I go looking for a new one!
I just bought this car a month ago and runs great. Bought it used now just doing minor tune ups here and there nothing big. Just wondered if the last owner kept up with maintenance. All and all it has a comfy ride, good on gas and glad to own a Sonata.
We have owned this car for 5 years -63000 miles and it has been pretty good car. Just a few problems with the electric motor on the mirrors; A/C fan motor and switch; and the horn went bad. One thing I hate about this car is the windshield wipers-they don't go fast enough-terrible in these Florida storms! Plus, the seats are not really all that comfortable. But, all in all I'd buy another one-especially since they have such a good warranty!