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My 2009 Sante Fe started acting up - when starting it, it would not fire up. Ist time - it finally clicked in after 3 tries, the next time (2 days later)it didn't . It just made those gear noises and wouldn't fire. Called the Hyundai dealership, said to tow it in so they could have a look. We called CAA to tow it. After explaining the problem to the guy who came, he first wanted to take a look under the hood before towing it. As soon as he did he shook his head and asked who sold it to us as there were two wires attached to the battery for rust prevention. He said having that hook up is one of the reasons the battery level was low - it used up too much juice. Advised me to detach these wires as they cause more trouble than they're worth. He also told me if it happens again, to press the lock and the unlock buttons on the key at the same time. This will reset the system and the car will run. It worked. Never have I been told about these wires and this "firing problem" and how to solve it at the dealership. That CAA guy was worth his weight in gold!
Ottawa, ONT 20 April 2015
I bought my 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited new in November of 2009. Other than the two recalls I have only had to have it serviced once (covered by 5 year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty), granted the repair was minor, just replacing the gasket that attaches the rear wiper to the window due to it prematurely rusting (I think it was at 10,000 miles or so). I did replace the brake pads myself after 15,000 miles as factory pads were squeaking something awful in all weather conditions, the replacement pads still have good wear even though I live in Chicago & am in stop & go traffic constantly. I too have experienced the vibration effect from the back windows when traveling at higher speeds, it is unfortunate. Also, the cabin filter in the limited model is pricey & a pain to get to behind the glove box. All in all I have been very pleased with the performance & overall bang for my buck that I got with this vehicle, I would definitely purchase another Hyundai in the future based on my experience.
I have had the same problem with the tires. the dealership blamed me. said i didn't rotate my tires. i took Iy to a different shop and it was out of alignment. trany blew at 40k. Check engine light just went on. gas mileage sucks. i regret buying this vehicle. same noise as others when back windows are down.
I also recently purchased an 09 Santa Fe. Love the vehicle except that when you get upwards of 40 mph and over with the back windows down I also have an extremely loud pulsating noise in the cabin. This does not happen with the front windows open, only with either or both back windows down. If you open a front window, even slightly, the pulsating goes away. My mechanic said it may be an aerodynamic design flaw and suggested that maybe installing a set of wind deflectors over the windows may change the way the air flows over the vehicle. I may try this in the future after I contact the dealership and ask for their input. Otherwise, keep your back windows up or crack the front ones open to cancel out the pulsing. Happy motoring!
Bought 2009 Santa Fe new. Shortly after bumper to bumper warranty expired, it developed a knocking noise that dealer in Fort Walton Beach, FL will not acknowledge. Took it back to dealer in Pensacola, they replaced the axel but, still the knocking noise. It just seems like a cheaply made vehicle overall. We can't take chances, it could be dangerous. We will get rid of it, if we can. We will never buy a Hyundai again.
Purchased my 2009 Santa Fe new Dec, 2009 - I hesitated at first because I do not know about it's durability. I loved it but after reading some reviews, it sorta gives me second thoughts. I had my tires replaced and aligned early this year (read some owners had this same problem) because the inner left side tires were being eaten away. The reason I am on here is because yesterday when I started the engine in the morning, it make a very loud scary squealing noise that seems to be coming from under the hood - the noise have not been repeated yet. Wondering whether anyone had the same problem and knows what may have caused it.
I want to start this post by saying we love our 2009 santa fe. We do a good amount of driving over the mountain passes and we fell in love with it. The all wheel drive handling was the best i have ever driven in the slick snow and ice!
ALTHOUGH, we have been having some problems with it.. The stereo volume turns up and down on its own once in a while or just no sound at all, the only way to cure it is to turn the vehicle off and restart, that usually works.
The ESC light and a few others come on out of the blue and again the only instant cure is turning off the vehicle. No driving issues have been noticed then this occurs!
Totally agree with the rear window issues, we fixed alot of the problem by installing vent visors.
Once again,we feel very safe driving but if
anyone has experienced these problems please let me know!
I bought my 2009 santa fe new in feb. of 2010. I have 37,000 miles on it and it has been properly maintained. Lately it has been starting hard, and each time it starts, the automatic temp control is on, even though I always shut it off the day before. Anybody have any idea what is going on?
I bought my 2009 Santa Fe used with 28,000 miles in near perfect condition. However after living with it for a while, I realized that the steering was not quite right. It is very sensitive from center, and at all speeds especially highway, it is very light and hard to keep in control. Hitting bumps bounces the steering wheel direction. Down a straight road it wanders constantly. The dealer has given it a 4 wheel alignment and says they do not experience this condition and can find nothing wrong. They say it is due to a firm suspension and light steering and is normal. I have driven many vehicles of various types and this is not normal. I am ready to sell.
I bought the 2009 new - I love the car but not happy with where I bought it. The only problems I have with it is that when you have the rear window open and not the front it makes a horrible vibratation in the car. Also been having issues with a noise coning from the front and no one seems to be able to tell me what it is. I've had it checked more then twice. I thought is was the break at first. It's worse when making a left hand turn. No help from the dealership!
I bought mine second hand...a 2009 Hyundai Sante Fe...I love it...but I totally agree about the back windows...what is up with that. The first time I rolled down my window, I thought I had a flat tire...from the noise. Also, the acceleration is weird...when I coast, the car almost stops. I have to step on it and rev it...kinda uncomfortable. Other than it...
Mileage, not so great...I think the counter way am I getting 20 mpg. Still love it...pray for it everyday...My husband wrecked his vehicle...this a spur of the moment purchase...hopefully it lasts:)
I've had this SUV since August 2009. I love it. It's the best vehicle I've ever owned & I will definitely be in the market for another one when I'm done paying for this one. My warranty is 10 yrs or 100,000 miles. It'll still be under warranty after the loan is paid. My dealership is the best (Vision Hyundai Henrietta). I've got no complaints except for the idiot who broke off the back windshield wiper arm. Coward didn't even leave a note & of course it's not covered under the warranty. Oh well, it's not the dealer's fault or a problem with the vehicle, just the way things are.
I bought a 2009 Santa Fe Limited... I was blown away this SUV. However, I took my new car through the carwash and the sunroof leaked! This was a feature that was very unwanted. Today (18 Jun 10) I have had 4 repairs on said sunroof and it still leaks! What makes matters worse is the dealership trained professionals are trying to tell me that sunroofs are designed to leak. BE ADVISED
eng 2.7liter
I bought this in dec 2009 check engine light come on at 2873 mlies car will not go faster then 25 mpr had to have it fix 2 times for this
Wind noise when back window is open will make your ear hurt
Just bought the car about 5 months ago a Santa FE 09. I have had nothing but issue with the Santa Fe. right off the lot it need to have the a front end wheel alignment, Not just once but twice with in one day of each other and still had to take it back a third time on the third day. I have been in the dealer with blown fuses on my lighter it's eaten 15 fuses in 5 months. Brake switch replaced twice. And Now the last straw is with the warmer weather I like to row down the rear windows and have the front ones up { I don't like wind blowing in my face}. With the back windows down it creates such a NOISE that it hurts your ears and if you talk your voice is choppy. I called the dealer and they clammed they have never heard of this before and that it is a design flaw and there is nothing they can do to resolve it.
I would Like to hear from other owners of Santa Fe 2009 models and open the rear windows and leave the front up and tell me if you get ear shattering pulsating noise. .... I would love to get enough people who have this same issue and force Hyundai to fix or replace design flaw. Today I went and talked to the Useless car dealer owner Blake Murdock in Layton and wanted to them to fix or replace the car. They offered me half of what it is worth. What a slap in the face. I would even be happy if he put some forth a faith about the subject. But he could careless to my issue, he got his money. I can live with blown fuses and the alignment.. But when you can't roll down the rear windows with out going deaf that's where I call the line. It is not only a SAFETY ISSUE but Heath hazard due to hearing loss. There Slogan is :

"UR the Heart of our business" has been our motto and our creed. Our customers truly are the heart of our business. We are not interested in merely satisfied customers. We want fans!!! We know that real success comes from repeat business. We want you happy for this purchase and for every new car to come. This is why we came up with the "No Regrets" Promise. All lies, I have Major REGRETS and they don''t care. I asked about what they would do for a trade in and they offered me less then half of what I paid/ owe. I was even willing to trade for a used car as a straight across trade. but they wouldn't do that..... That's alright though I talk to thousands of people a day around the US, and building rapport with people I love to tell them of dealings I with Hyundai and my Santa FE. so if I can help someone else out from making the same mistake that I did, I feel a little better about my misfortune, just a very very small bit.
I now have over 18,000 miles and have enjoyed driving this car emmensly. The only complaint I have is that the tires all have suspisious ware on the insides causing cupping and loud tire noise. I have had it looked at by my tire dealer and will have to go back to the dealership to have them look at it as the tire dealer indicates the suspension is not in spec.