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2008 Hyundai Santa Fe (12 Reviews)
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I've been relatively happy up until now. Car is starting to show the use of cheap materials as it ages, 140,000 miles. Replacing Air Bag "clock spring" today. The "tubing" that aligns the door frame is pulling away and I was told this is somewhat common on my age vehicle. $500 to replace.....sorry, but that's BS.

Interior noise is bad and becomes horrible with back windows open.

I've never had these types problems with Honda or Isuzu in the past....and will not be looking at Hyundai for future purchases at this point......
Our 2008 Santa Fe was purchased Jan, 2012 used thru Carmaz Used Car Dealership with 62,000 miles. No coverage from Hyundai so opted for Carmax's Maxcare. Paid cash for vehicle and Carmax did their due diligence with background check on vehicle. Found nothing suspicious. First year we had nothing unusual and kept up with all maintenance and service. Second year and 75,000 it all started. We paid $18,327.58 drive off lot. At this time (March, 2015) we have spent $18,252.58 in service, repairs and maintenance on this money pit. Am addressing with Hyundai Motor America, but is a long, ridiculous process with more run arounds to break us down so we don't continue forward. Worst problem (of all the $9,753.42 that has actually been spent for odd repairs we have not experienced with any vehicles as a whole picture in our 40+ years of ownership)while I was driving, the PCM failed instantly. Lost everything and was miraculous to be entering our subdivision and not where I had been the prior hours...very high speed major highways in Houston. This has become a nightmare and we wanted to purchase a new Santa Fe, BUT if Hyundai cannot honor what they say as customers being their primary concern, we will get out of this somehow and into something else. NEVER try filing a complaint and hoping for action thru their Consumer Affairs Dept. We are at 6 weeks and barely getting any contact from them. Extremely disillusioned by this Company!
Lights dim when decelerating. Dealer replaced alternator, batter and + and - cables still happening. Out of factory warranty and dealer wants to charge me for an ongoing issue that was never fixed. Good-bye Hyundai!
Brake sensor, rear brakes at 20K miles, cam sensor, serpentine tensioner and 4 recalls. The vehicle has 46K miles on it. I'm kicking myself for not paying $1500 for the extended warranty. Didn't think I'd need it. I was WRONG. Gotta last 1 more year so I can pay off my wife's van. Then it's gone and I won't be returning.
My 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe's white paint is chipping away off the hood and around the windshield. Keeps spreading. Dealership offered me 1/2 off to repaint it, 1/2 of a $2,800 paint job. Local bodyshop was $800 for the job. Hyundai never acknowledged my letter of complaint. I would not buy another Hyundai product or recommend.
I bought my 2008 Santa Fe in May 2009 with 30,000 miles on it. Aside from the recent air-bat recalls, I've been extremely satisfied with the vehicle itself. But yesterday I became EXTREMELY disappointed to find out that Hyundai, who mostly became known for it's 100,000 warranty and is one of their biggest selling points, will not honor that warranty for the power train if you're the SECOND OWNER. So I had a HARD wake-up call yesterday when the check engine light came on, the part involved was related to the power train, but I had to pay for the $300+ repair because my car now has 66,000+ miles. The other issue I had was the gas tank sensor fiasco - You fill up the tank and it reads empty...fortunately I was still under warranty for that one, but I read it repeats. AND after leaving the dealership from that repair yesterday, the check engine light came back up and now it came back with a misfire code for pistons 1 and 6. I'll let you know how that works out - they had to keep the car.
Bought our 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe for our first retirement car. We now have about 65,000 miles on the car - mostly highway driving. The Santa Fe looks, rides, and drives like new. The Hyundai dealer has been great. We have had no problems with the car. We average about 20 mpg - sometimes as much as 23 mpg traveling cross country. WE LOVE OUR HYUNDAI.
I bought a 2008 Santa Fe and initially was very happy with it, then it started to delay going from reverse to forward and when it kicked in it jerked forward, which we thought as just the 4 wheel drive kicking in until the transmission conked out and it was led off to the dealership. For only 75K Kms this is not good, but am waiting on Hyundai to say weather they will cover it or if I'm supposed to fork out $25K
I purchased my 2008 Santa Fe on April 1, 2009. Yes, I thought I might be the April Fool's joke for doing so, but I had compared it to all the smaller SUVs in its class. I have now owned it for almost two years. I am quite happy with it. I get an average of 22 MPG, but on vacations I have gotten 26 MPG and 28 MPG! That's amazing for its size. My only complaints are the interior and the road noise. The interior is not as "plush" as I'd like it to be and the road noise can be a bit louder than I prefer. But, other than those to MINOR complaints, I love it so far. I have had a bit of a problem with the left headlight. The dim sometimes doesn't want to work, but the bright will. I assume something is loose, but haven't had it fixed yet.
Horrible/excruciating interior noise when rear windows are opened while bad that it hurts your ears!!! Front suspension was never very surefooted...sometimes floaty/bouncy and other times jarring...recently developed a very loud knocking noise from the right front suspension (vehicle has 33008 miles)...will be taking the vehicle to the Hyundai dealer for diagnosis of this issue and hopefully a repair covered by the warranty...
Pretty Good car----2008
we had a 2004 santa fe and in nov. 2008 my wife was hit the left rear causing the sar to due a 360 in the air land on its right side and slide for 20 ft. hit the curb and right it self , the santa fe was totaled. she walk away from the crash with only a few bumbs and sarced as hell. (note) was wearing her seat belt !!!!!!. we know own a 2008 santa fe and love it.would recommend the santa fe to any one. jim warren lakeville,ma
just bought the truck 12/9/09 and it has 33,404 miles on it. 2wks into having the truck, my check engine light came on.. Full bumper to bumper warranty, so i took it to the dealer in Clarksville, MD.. tech comes out and says it was the 3rd cylinder spark plug and he says he replaced it.. Not 24hrs later, i get up the next morning and it's misfiring again.. so i go to another Hyundai dealer and he says the problem is the same thing i went to the original dealer in Clarksville where i bought the truck from.. So, they give me the run around about some codes on the diagnostic system and say that in order for them to repair what was suppose to be repaired their system has to show "misfire" as well because right now it's showing a historical code.. Long story short.. they end up keeping my truck for two days to say, oh it's the spark plug and the coil pk and that the original tech at the dealer,never changed the plug.. Nonetheless the problem was what i told them in the first place and they pretty much knew it but gave me a hard time anyway.. Just strange that a 08 truck with that low of miles would have problems already with the coil pk and plugs??