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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe (19 Reviews)
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I purchased my Santa Fe new and it now has 298,000+ miles. No problems until the last 50,000 or so. Had to replace altenator, air conditioner conpressor, timing chain, and now having trouble with power steering. All said and done, this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Interior still looks new, flaking on paint though.
For the most part I was very satisfied with my car which was purchased new. I maintained the recommended maintenance on the car and had a number of years without problems. The paint started to pill in 2011 I started having a problem when I get gas; the car will not start without significant difficulty. I have to press the gas pedal to the floor and give it a lot of gas once whatever needs to catch, catches. After a few minutes of giving it gas, the car is ok until the next time I get gas then the process starts all over again. I was surprised to read that so many other owners with the 2002 Santa Fe are experiencing the same problem. From reading another review I believe this may be related to the gas door. At all times the car accelerates on high, but runs slow. I frequently have to move my foot from the accelerator for it to pick up some speed. In addition from reading other reviews I also may need to have my power steering pressure lines replaced to address the squealing when I turn the steering wheel that increases in volume.
I became the owner of a lightly used very well kept 2002 hyundai santa fe in 2012. I keep it in great condition. My paint is starting to fall off which i dont understand. I just had to fix a problem with my brake lights being on when the car wasnt. I have been have a serious issue when i get gas i cant get my car to work and when i finally do i cuts off on me when i am driving with my 3 year old daughter in the backseat. My daughter and i hav almost been killed because my car decided to cut off on me in the middle of a very busy intersection!!!! It is a horrible car i will never own another hyundai in m life and i will make sure my daughter doesnt either!!! RECALL THIS PROBLEM UNLESS YOU WANT A LAWSUIT ON YOUR HANDS FOR KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!
I bought new in 2002. Had problems with power windows sticking more than once. air conditioning quit at 60,000 miles. estimate- $!,000. Speakers blew, paint wore pretty fast. Replaced brakes. Noisy when turning from front right side at 80,00 miles. To replace spark plugs- $600 because three are hard to get to. Timing belt replacement estimate-$650-$800. Now the vehicle stalls when driving!! I read a lot of reviews about the faulty crankshaft position sensor being a MAJOR problem with 2002 6cyl Santa Fe's however when I called Hyundai they said it is VIN specific recall and ours is not recalled.How convenient! SHAME ON YOU HYUNDAI!!! such a dangerous issue and you won't own it! NEVER AGAIN!
ball of scrap
can,t remove spark plugs won,t budge seem frozen tried liquid wrench to loosen did,nt work
I have a 2002 Santa Fe that I've had since 2008 I keep the oil changed at every 3,000 miles and have my fluids checked often, I've had my fuel system cleaned, and brakes of course changed it has been a great truck up until recently I noticed that everytime I put gas in it and go to start it back up it struggles to start. I have to give it gas and let it run for it to catch. I took it to a shop and they say I may have to take it to the dealer. Something like this I feel should be a recall because I always keep over a half tank in my truck and I take very good care of it.
My 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe begins to run very slow. It accelerates on high, but runs slow. I frequently have to move my foot from the accelerator for it to pick up some speed. Any ideas of what the issue is?
It sounds to me as if the people here complaining have poor maintenance issues
@ Visitor, Greencastle, PA September 29, 2011... I just had the same issue took it into the dealership and was told my power steering pressure lines needed to be replaced as they were worn and leaking. End result is I did not have enough power steering fluid which was causing th squealing and when I would turn the wheel it would increase in volume. I paid for the replacement and it is running just fine once again... 130,000 miles and one of the best cars I have ever owned.
I recently had my brakes and rotors replaced in my 2002 hyundai santa fe, and when i got it back there is a loud obnoxious squealing, not just ordinary it sounds like a train and i'm not even pressing on my brakes any suggestions??
Top to bottom, The interior isnt too bad, but the paint job (black) faded and the clear coat began chipping 4 years ago. The brakes were bad from day 1. Had it to 4 different dealerships since the first week and none could reproduce the rubbing.grinding noise in the rear end. Finally took to an outside repair shop and they said one of the calipers was shot! How could multiple trained Hyundai service techs miss this? All brakes needed to be replaced at 90k miles. Drive train is ok, but at 95k the alternator died and now the air conditioner compressor is going out. As for electrical, the turn signal and headlight post shorted out losing all lights while driving at night. The headlight covers also faded almost opaque at 60k miles. The exhaust is great though. The suspension creaks like a madman and the entire steering rack needed to be replaced at 20k miles. I bought this vehicle brand new and am the only owner. I would not buy one again.
Wife's car,low milage. Several trips from Texas to Louisiana and back. Very good service; total problems, gas door sticking-replaced under warranty; air conditioner failed-replaced compressor, out of warranty; passenger's window stuck up-will get fixed next week, out of warranty.

Gas milage-This is a small V-6 and if you push it hard your milage will be 12-14 mpg in town. If you limit the engine to 3000 rpm, except when really necessary, your can get 16-20 mpg in town. Go easy and it pays.

Good car, good service.
Bought this car in 2002 - over time have spent $1800 and $800 on repairs - can't remember what has been done - it has been a few years. I have 145,000 miles on it. I have a new battery and 4 new tires aside fro the other 2 maintenance bills I had. It has been a great car.
My wife drives our 2002 Sante Fe (2.7V6) and has over 120,000 miles on it and she gets 26MPG. We did have the crankshaft sensor replaced under warranty. The drivers window glass fell down inside the door last year, as the bolts came loose (My wife smokes and uses the drivers window drivers window alot). After removing the interior door panel and reinstalling the bolts with Loctite it was no problem to fix. I change her engine oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles and the air filter every 18,000 miles . She had all fluids and timimg belt changed at 70,000 miles. The driving light bulb's are a pain in the butt to change. I do agree with hondo that the rear three spark plug's are a pain to change. Other than that this has been a great car own..
i bought this car for way to much. the same day the flywheel broke off. got that fixed then 2wks later all power windows quit. then 4 mths later it jumped time and messed up the motor. I will never never never buy another Hyundai again. head my advice Stay away from Hyundai
My wheels are fine runs well until the problem occured on the timing belt. The car was running smoothly then parked for three hours at a function. About to leave and tried to start the engine and it was just cranking and not turning over. Where I am at here in Guam it is hard to get parts for a Santa Fe I had to order my parts from off island. I read an article online that stated if there is a problem with your timing belt while you are driving is could be major..Yes indeed it did...just from the timing belt I had to change, timing belt, timing guide, crankshaft sensor, valves intake and exhaust and all the seals, now having to change all the valves we discoved another issue crack head now I need to order the valve guides and have a machinest on island shave. It is hell for when your timing belt gets busted.....REMEMBER THIS: DO NOT CRANK YOUR CAR IF IT IS HAVING A HARD TIME TO START...DO NOT ASSUME IT IS YOUR STARTER CHECK YOUR TIMING BELT/GUIDE AND SENSOR IF THEY ARE OK. HAVING TO KEEP CRANKING CAUSES YOU TO BEND THE VALVES THAT COULD CRACK YOUR HEAD....WARNING DON'T!

Highly Satisfied! Very comfortable seats, drives more like a car so it is easy to maneuver; excellent stereo sound system, have 107,000+ miles on it ! Replacement Maintenance costs estimate from 2002 - 03/2009 have been $2200.00 total had timing belt and brakes replaced - 2nd set of front brakes need replacement - on 2nd battery, one brake light replacement, replaced Bridgestone with Michelin tires, air filter
Bought this car new in 2002. Had a minor computer problem several months after the purchase and it made the transmission shift sluggish. The cat was still under warranty, they fixed it, service was great and have never had that problem again. This is the 2.7 V6 gets 28MPG average. Since 2002 I perform most of the standard maintenance myself and these are the results: original set of BF Goodrich tires lasted 80,000 miles, replaced the front brake pads at 80, 000 miles just because, the back pads are still the original, I change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles with Valvoline over 75,000 miles. Changed the plugs this time with the new iridium and changed wires. Just put in a new battery. The struts and shocks need changing and I will do that soon. Downside: the back three plugs are a pain; you need to remove the plenum. Some of the silver paint is pealing from the plastic panel on the passenger side. I forgot to mention this SantaFe has 128,000 miles.