2008 Hyundai Elantra Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Hyundai Elantra owners review and rate their 2008 Hyundai Elantra.

2008 Hyundai Elantra (4 Reviews)
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I did my transmission filter change, was easy and save $ 300 from the Dealer.
--- Car run smooth and quite, the noise people talking about when driving is the road , cause I tested on new road and it feel wonderful.
--- brake switch after replace it 3 times has been working fine, I guess was my wife fault cause women don't care at all about their car, I've seen them how they start the car and fly away with out warming the car first.
Tip for all of you : Temperature door actuator is under glove box, at the left side of the passenger left food, easy to replace; don't pay to Dealer.
--- Transistor or resistor is just next to the blower motor, against the back wall, very easy to replace, maybe you need to push a little the carper to see it; don't pay to Dealer, is what give different speed to your A/C fan or blower.
-- and the last : Actuator mode door, is the responsible of change air flow to different place and turn your fan or A/C, its just under wheel, driver side, close to your right foot, don't pay to Dealer this things are easy to replace, just a little twist your body, screw driver and flashlight and of course patience.
I hope I can help some one with this. Remember help others when you have the oportunity
I have the car since 1/29/2009, so far 51.000 miles only brake light switch replace it 3 times and no charge under warranty and actuator mode A/C replace it.
I'm doing 38.5 MPG hwy and I got 40.8 once in long trip. I'm very happy and don't plan to trade it for 2011,12,13,or even 14. The new Elantra was made with a lot of mistake, wrong interior design, under hood, and trunk door.
I still have 60 % of brake pad.
I'm planning to do my own transmission fluid change and replace the filter, cause Dealer don't do it unless you paid a lot to them and its very simple.
My car is very steady, feel good, I turn slow, brake before to turn so I don't hurt the suspension parts.
Never hard start and hard stop. Allow the transmission change gear slow and easy and mine is automatic.
---- driver seat are comfortable, radio wonderful, I like all inside, under hood space and the under hood foam that was eliminated in the new model.
---- I'm planning to keep my Elantra Se 2008 for long time and I will starting putting my hands on it, cause you never know how and what all those mechanic do in your car.
My car has 140790mi. At 80500mi the drivers rear brake was draging causing rotot to get ruined. Replaced rotor caliper and used ceramic pads. Now the brake is dragging again. What is causing this problem?
Great car, a bit slow on pick-up, but maintains speed VERY well. This is my first car, and I love it. Breaks are a bit on the sticky side, it takes time to get used to them.