2003 Hyundai Elantra Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Hyundai Elantra owners review and rate their 2003 Hyundai Elantra.

2003 Hyundai Elantra (6 Reviews)
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i got my brake lights out, now have 337,000 on it, still going like energizer bunny.
i have 285000 on it, starting to have a little problem,brakelights are staying on.?????
2003 Hyundai Elantra Hatch GT. Bought this brand new fully loaded. Wish they still made them. Always loved this car! I have always kept up on the maintenance required. I have 86,500 miles on it. Besides regular oil changes and tires I am now replacing my alternator and I will need a new they say at the dealership. Rear brakes pads need to be replaced more often. Headlights seem to burn out often also....Would love to get the new Elantra 2011 but this one is stilling going and no car payment!
We bought our 2003 Elantra new, it has 198,000 plus miles and still drives and looks great ! other then normal oil changes and belt replacement and tires, we have only had to replace the battery and altenator. exhaust and suspention still like new, engine and transmission working great with no leaks. The body still has great fitting doors, hood , trunk and finish in great shape too. We did have a few Interior issues I felt we should not have had for as well as car has been kept up. the vanity mirror cover broke at hinges on passengers sun visor, hole woren in carpet under drivers mat, color came off front door arm rests the first year. Over all a really great car well worth every penny and even more. Will be at top of list to look at when we need another car.
140K, still going strong. Original struts and exhaust, and timing belt twice per service schedule. Doesn't burn oil and just had valve cover gaskets and power steering hose replaced as they just started to show wear. However, leak on CV boot nearest the wheel, which I had dealer repair, not replace both sides. Now....leaking from seal where it goes into trans..seal replaced twice. Still a bit of a leak. Should I have just replaced both axles? Can't get a good answer from my dealer, and it seems they caused this as it wasn't leaking before. Now I understand this is a trans problem as something to do with a bolt in the trans is not lining up right..???
For the price the Elantra is good not great. The engine is reliable but the brakes warped within 4 years, stereo died in 3. Fog lights always seem to burn out. After 6 years and 66,000 kms in Canadian winters years its been good and always started in sometimes brutal Canadian winter mornings. Engine still feels as strong as new. I am hoping to get 10 years out of ours, since it will only cost about $1000 a year to keep going - much cheaper than new car payments. Body is holding up well with no visible rust anywhere. I would by a Hyundai again since they are more of a utiitarian car, very affordable to own and maintain.