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2002 Hyundai Elantra owners review and rate their 2002 Hyundai Elantra.

2002 Hyundai Elantra (7 Reviews)
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After engine oil change, a picture of car and fuel sign suddenly showed up in the mileage monitor of 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. Anyone has any idea what it means?
I bought this car as my first when I was 16, which was four years ago. Mine is a manual transmission and I have had no problems with it (other than what I have done to it). I change the oil every 5k miles, and I've put on about 40k miles.

I have gotten up to 36 MPG with this car (long trip- highway miles) and as low as 24 MPG (town driving). I'd say the average is around 28-30. It is a great car and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a reliable car with great gas mileage.
Purchased this car in 2002 and I now have 218,000 miles. Still runs well. I have replaced the battery and alternator and kept up with the scheduled maintenance. Great car.
I bought this car second hand in 2005. It is a 2002 model. It ran find for about a year, then the transmission starter to mess up. At first it would down shift to third and if you stoped it would not shift to first, only manual shift to second and had to be manually shifted to third. I could shut off the engine and restart and it would work. The problem has steadly gotten worse. Now it will not work correctly at all. It needs a new TCM. {700.00} I can not find a rebuilt one.
Also the A/C compressor line started to leak. It is also a dealer item. that is another 190.00 dollars. I WILL NOT buy another Hyundai with an auto trans. I have a 1999 Accent with a standard trans and I like this car,but it does have a lot of road noise and it does dent very easily.
I bought my Hyundai Elantra GT 5 speed Hatchback brand new in 2002. I do take good care of my cars, so, this one is mostly garage kept. Because I do live where there is quite a bit of snow and ice, have a rust spot on the rear quarter panel right below the gas tank cover. I had my clutch replaced for the first time when the car had 107,000 miles. Just had the timing belt done, new water pump, air conditioner belt and power steering belt replaced for the first time, at 158,000 miles. I have loved this car since day one!
Had purchased a 2007 Elantra, but about a year and a half later, had a really bad car accident with it and it was totaled. Great car as well, the stability control prevented the car from rolling over and my son and I walked out of the car, unscratched and not a bruise!
So, thank goodness for my trusty 2002 Elantra, driving it until I'm ready to buy another car! I've been eyeing the new Sonata, very sharp! But I won't trade in my Elantra, this car is with me to the end!!
Great Car. I have the Elantra GT 5-door and it came with ABS, Traction Control, CD Player, Sunroof, Leather seats, side airbags for around 13K new. Nice and sporty looking and can carry more cargo than the one with the trunk. Almost 100K on the car and the only compaints are:

1. Brake rotors needed resurfacing after 12K so I put on a racing brake kit at 30K and have not had to replace rotors or pads since.
2. Clutch goes at 40K, so get an automatic or a racing clutch to save yourself $1K every 40K to replace the clutch. The clutch is normal wear and tear so it is not covered under the warrenty.
great all around car, price & reliability makes this car a gem